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Examine The Following Ideas As They Appear In The Theory Of Situation Ethics: * Situation * Conscience * Relativism

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Examine the following ideas as they appear in the theory of Situation Ethics:
* Situation
* Conscience
* Relativism

First of all, Situation Ethics would produce a situation by setting aside all rules in a situation if love seems to be better served in doing so. Each situation is different and unique therefore reason is required make a moral decision, but only good lies with love. According to Fletcher, the Situationist follows a moral law or violates it according to love’s need. All decisions are hypothetical and so they depend on another thing being correct so the moral worth of this action depends on if love is being maximised. So, in the situation that an insane murderer asks you the whereabouts of his next victim, when using Situation Ethics you would follow the most loving thing to do. Here lying, although ...view middle of the document...

When your conscience is used, you are thinking through possible actions that could be taken in order to produce love in any situation. Your conscience is not used to make up your mind only you, the individual, are the decision maker. This means that when making a moral decision you are acting freely and of your own accord, and so, you are in control of your own destiny and the individual is evidently given true moral responsibility. In order to ensure that you perform the correct moral action you must align yourself with love. If you aim towards producing love you will achieve it. This is the way in which your conscience appears in the theory of Situation Ethics.

With Situation Ethics, Fletcher assumes relativism, he believes it to be the best moral theory because no two situations or people are the same, there is no solid right or wrong answer and an action is only right if it produces love and if it does not then the action is viewed as wrong. A Situationist avoids the word ‘absolutely’ and so this highlights the fact that there are no fixed rules that must be obeyed. However Situation Ethics is not a free for all as this would be Antinomianism. Therefore, all decisions must be made in accordance with the outcome of love. “Situation Ethics relativises the absolute, it does not absolutivise the relative.” Here, Fletcher is saying that Situation Ethics is a way of making absolute morality relative, you do not ALWAYS have to follow the relative option unless the absolute of this would cause an absence of love.

All things considered, you cannot approach a situation using this theory without first acknowledging the fact that you must also approach it with a sense of relativity, realising also that you are the final and upmost decision maker. Anyone using Situation Ethics is morally responsible for their own actions and love must be the aim and final outcome of this.

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