“Examine The Reasons For Differences In Educational Achievement Between Different Ethnic Groups”

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“Examine the reasons for differences in educational achievement between different ethnic groups”

There are clearly many factors that contribute to the claim that there is a difference in educational achievement between different ethnic groups in the UK. National statistics claim that: ‘In 2004 Chinese pupils were the most likely to achieve five or more GCSE Grades A*- C in England, with 79% of Chinese girls and 70% of Chinese boys respectively. In comparison with Black Caribbean pupils, With Boys who only achieved 27% and girls achieved 44% achieved five or more A*-C Grade GCSEs.

The first outside school factor that contributes to the claim that there is a difference in educational ...view middle of the document...

The second outside school factor is cultural and linguistic Deprivation this may include being deprived of things such as encouragement and support from parents, help and assistance at home with work and certain speech codes or patterns. Some Sociologists suggest that the language and behaviours or routines at home of some ethnic groups, may be responsible for their educational achievement. If children are encouraged to read at a younger age this may increase there linguistic ability which can in turn enhance there learning. If English is a pupil’s second language they may lack a cultural disadvantage within the society. In 2006 DFES reported that pupils who considered English to be an additional language had lower attainment on average than those whose first language was English. This suggests that Linguistic capabilities can have a effect on educational achievement.
However the Swann report (1985) suggests that the attainment gap between those whose first language and those who considered English an additional language gets smaller as they get older.
Parental support and involvement in educational has been considered to have an effect on educational achievement. Scott Phelps and Rema Reynolds suggest that parents of African-American students don’t know how to navigate their way round the education system, therefore lack a cultural advantage. Sociologist also suggest that some parents from some ethnic groups may seek immediate gratification for there child compared to some ethnic groups which may believe in a meritocracy and deferred gratification. Sociologists have also researched into family structures of certain ethnic groups, and have discovered that African- Caribbean communities have high levels of lone-parent hood. Whereas Asian family households are often made up of strong bonded or ‘close-knit’ extended families. This can have an effect on educational achievement as they can lack role models and it is a lot harder for a lone parent to support a child through education. However this again can be criticized; in 2006 DFES did a report suggesting parental involvement in education was greater in minority ethnic groups than the population as a whole. Shown by high levels of attendance at parent evenings and a greater sense of responsibility.

James Watson a scientist suggests that there is a link between race and IQ. Professor Lynn suggests that IQ can be improved slightly if Environment is better. This can be hard to have a good working environment if certain ethnic groups are materially deprived.

Richard Nisbett says that Asians do better in education because they are very hard working, and are told working is essential, and this is embedded in Asian culture. Therefore educational achievement differences between races may be the cause of nurture not nature.

The third and final outside factor is racism in society. Racism is an institution, which holds ingrained beliefs that groups are either inferior or superior on the basis...

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