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Induction Pack

Induction Pack


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Dear <employee>,

Welcome to HJH Retail

Please find enclosed an induction pack containing the following documents: -

* Induction Form
* Personal Details Form
* Medical Questionnaire
* Additional Employment Disclosure (if relevant)

You will also have been provided with the following documents: -

* Terms and Conditions of Employment
* Job Description

Please read the ...view middle of the document...

attendance, timekeeping and work relationships)/dress code | | | |
Expenses | | | |
Time away from work |
Holidays and other requests for time off | | | |
Absence and lateness arrangements | | | |
Maternity/paternity/adoption/parental leave provisions | | | |
Health and safety at work |
Emergency procedures and location of exits (inc fire evacuation/drill) | | | |
Safety rules | | | |
Risk assessment /awareness of specific hazards | | | |
Preventative and protective measures | | | |
Reporting of accidents/incidents | | | |
First aid procedure and location of first aid boxes | | | |
Smoking policy | | | |
Alcohol and substance abuse | | | |
Use of display screen equipment | | | |
Environmental | | | |
Safety representatives | | | |
Treatment and Wellbeing |
Equal opportunities | | | |
Data protection | | | |
Whistle-blowing | | | |
Harassment/ Dignity at work | | | |
Anti-bribery/ gifts register | | | |
Stress | | | |
Flexible working | | | |
Working time regulations | | | |
Employee development |
Performance appraisal /identifying training needs and objectives | | | |
Further education/training policies | | | |
Employee relations |
Trade union membership/ other representation | | | |
Communications and consultation | | | |
Welfare and employee benefits/facilities |
Canteen/break facilities | | | |
Cloakroom/toilets/lockers | | | |
Sports facilities | | | |
Protective clothing | | | |
Medical services/ occupational health | | | |
Transport/parking arrangements | | | |
Company discounts | | | |
Savings schemes (inc share options) | | | |
The job |
Introduction to manager/supervisor | | | |
Requirements of new job | | | |
Standards expected | | | |
Co-workers | | | |

I confirm I have been taken through and understand the above.
Signed (employee): ………………………………………… Date: …………………………………… Signed (employer): ………………………………………… Date:…………………….………………


This policy sets out appropriate expenses which can be claimed as business expenditure or out of pocket expenses and at which levels. This is based upon providing the appropriate documentation as evidence.

Staff members are encouraged to be mindful of their behaviour and deal appropriately with family members or any person with whom you are in a sexual or romantic relationship. Internal relationships should not impact your work and professionalism is expected at all times.

This policy describes the procedure that you must follow when informing the company you are unwell and unable to attend work and your ongoing responsibilities if off for a period of time. It also covers the steps the company will take to ensure you are fit for work and to ensure your wellbeing when in work. Sick pay...

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