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Fudan Graduation Speech – Class of Spring 14’

"Cleverness is a gift. Kindness is a choice. Gifts are easy — they're given after all. Choices can be hard." - Jeff Bezos

What brought us here? How is it that so many people from different countries are sharing experiences in a complete different place, with completely different tasks that at the end have the same purpose? Most of the decisions we make through life will led us to fails or successes, but they all the same time will help make us who we are; and who we are is what helps us define who we want to be.
Good morning everyone and thanks for being here to listen to these few words I have to say by representing my generation. I ...view middle of the document...

In my case, when I landed in Shanghai I did not have a single clue of what was going to happen, to be sincere and even when I was thrilled by this new opportunity I was completely scared; I do not know if some of you had the same experience as I had when I arrived, but I am pretty sure all of you had been through unexpected situations that helped you grow in aspects that go from knowledge to ways of acting in life. WE ARE SURVIVORS, we survived language barriers, different food types, and cultural challenges and hopefully we will make through school in a few days.
The question here is: What is going to happen next? Probably we all have different answers to this question, some of us maybe have a planned life agenda and some others let themselves be taken into experiences just as time passes; but I will ask you to stay clear to yourself and think about what do you really want to do, I will also recommend you to do not waste your time worrying in what others will say or what they want for you because at the end, your own happiness relies on yourself loving who you are and what you do. Also and as I think most of us had been told at some point, do not forget to put all your effort and strength on becoming a better person everyday and remember that a better person is not the one who has the most material goods but the one that enjoys more his or her life while helping enjoy others. Smile more, laugh more, appreciate more, but what is most important, always keep on dreaming and following your dreams.
For the ones who will be here one more semester, I think it is important to keep in mind the goals you set when you arrived and if you are missing to achieve some of them, I will say that you just have to go for them, they are somewhere out there and maybe it won’t be easy to get them, but again, remember the hardest things to get are the most worth ones. Remember to always be a better a person in all senses, remember to represent our country in the best way you can do it by showing the world that Mexican people is made of strength and dreams that eventually become realities.
For the ones who are going back, I will just say that this incredible experience will mark...

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