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Executive Engineer Essay

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How to use these tips These tips highlight some common mistakes made by students. They are collected under various subheadings to help you when you revise a particular topic. Many of the tips relate to June 2004 papers General Advice • • • • • • • Three figure accuracy is required in questions where no accuracy is specified unless money is involved when two decimal places are required To achieve three figure accuracy in your answer you need to have at least four figures in your working Make sure that your calculator is set to degree mode before you enter the examination. On the papers where you write your answer on the question paper, it is not ...view middle of the document...

If you have to draw a curved graph make sure that it is smooth. You should not join points on a curve with a series of straight lines You should NOT try to take any measurements from a diagram which has NOT TO SCALE printed on it, it has been drawn deliberately inaccurate In probability questions answers should be given in fractions or decimals. Answers in ratio form are NOT acceptable It is important that you have studied all of the syllabus. The two question papers that you take will usually cover every section of the syllabus. The question papers are set so that you have time to finish them and check your answers. It is important that you read the question carefully and not make instant assumptions about what you are being asked to do. You need to be careful with the use of the square root symbol. √x + 2 is not the 3 same thing as x + 2 . The symbol must cover everything that needs to be square √ 3 rooted. You are advised to show as much working as possible as marks are awarded for the working. Marks are given for the work that you do correctly, not subtracted for the work that you get wrong.

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Paper 1 Tips

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A basic feature of algebra is that multiplication signs are unnecessary. bc means b multiplied by c. Questions which have bold type in them are giving a hint to take special care. If you are asked to estimate the size of a number then only 1 significant figure is usually required. A question that says factorise will require you to rewrite the expression using brackets Write as a fraction in its lowest terms means that you must cancel down the fraction as far as possible. In questions about the order of rotational symmetry you must give an answer which is a number. Answers in degrees will not be accepted. In fraction questions that have show all your working included, means that the question must NOT be done on the calculator. A correct answer with no working will not score any marks. When rounding numbers to a given number of significant figures, some zeros count and some do not. Please note that 0.564 is rounded to 3 sf and 5.60 is also rounded to 3 sf. In questions on time 1. In the 24 hour clock system answers cannot be bigger than 2400. 2415 must be written as 0015. 2. You must be very careful with decimal amounts of time. 7 hours 30 minutes is NOT written as 7.3hours. The correct value would be 7.5 hours as 30 ÷ 60 = 0.5 3. Answers in the 12 hour clock system must have am or pm included

Paper 2 Tips • • • • • • You should read all the Paper 1 Tips as any of these topics could appear on Paper 2. When angles or lines have to be drawn or measured examiners expect them to be accurate. Marks are often not awarded because of poor accuracy. Answers to bearing questions should always be given as 3 figure answers such as 078 ° or 265° There is a new topic in the syllabus called Compound Interest and this is quite different to Simple Interest. Your teacher will explain the difference. Care...

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