Executive Protection Essay

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Executive Protective Program

Jon Orman
Submitted to: Professor Timothy Bradley
SEC594 Global and Domestic Security
Keller Graduate School of Management
Submitted: June 2013

Principle and Program Evaluation
After an initial interview, concerning the principle and the company,, we can make a few recommendations as to the extent of the Executive Protection detail that will include the main client as well as his wife and two children. The principle, a CEO worth in excess of $100million, leads a company that has holdings in multiple countries. The company has mining operations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Typically, these countries have a rather poor track ...view middle of the document...

The wife will require a simpler protection plan. Since there is no history of viable threats against Mrs. CEO, then we will focus on the public exposure aspect of the detail. We will provide a part-time detail to shadow her whenever she is going to be out in public for any reason. Even though, she has not had a need for a PPO prior to now, the potential threats against kidnapping for ransom cannot be ignored.
There will be one full-time uniformed officer positioned at the house 24/7. This position shall be responsible for protecting the estate, the wife and the two children (while they are at the residence) by: monitoring the CCTV, patrolling the grounds on a random schedule, and responding to any security alerts or alarms.
The children will require a part-time detail officer to escort them to school and back home again. The security agreement with the school will make accommodations so they officer can remain on campus and provide over-watch for the minors. The officer will not interfere with the school in any way. The children will be under the supervision of the school administration and staff during school hours only, regardless of which property they are on. Outside of school hours, our PPO will take custodial control of the children and ensure their safety back to the estate. The PPO will make every available effort to remain incognito and blend into the fabric of the school, as to not cause any disturbances to the learning environment. The PPO will also ensure that any and all applicable laws are followed concerning the carry of a duty weapon in a school zone.
The CEO will require a slightly more visible security detail. There are different detail requirements for the local area, as well as the traveling abroad. The local team will consist of one escort PPO and one driver anytime the Principle leaves the estate. This detail team will pre-plan all potential routes of travel from the estate to the office, and any other frequently visited locations in the local area. The Principle will have this detail anytime he is outside the estate. This does include family time outside the estate. When the CEO travels to one of operations sites the detail team will...

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