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Executive Session - A session, as of a legislature or committee, often closed to the public, in which executive business is transacted.Deliberation - Discussion and consideration of all sides of an issuePublic - Of, concerning, or affecting the community or the peopleWhen America invaded Germany in World War II, were the plans congress made broadcast over the radio? What if they were? Adolph Hitler could right now, at this moment, rule us if it wasn't for the executive sessions. We need executive sessions because we should trust our ...view middle of the document...

Being paranoid like that is no way to live. Our congressmen are respectable people, and deserve to have privacy.Secondly, a congressman could be falsely accused for having a vote bought out. For example, a congressman might have a certain view on a subject. Then a lobbyist could talk to them, give them some money, and talk about their position. If they are convincing, a congressman may change their vote, but not because of the money. If people see this they might think the congressman was bought out. With executive sessions, this will not happen.Lastly, in times of war, our congressional sessions should not be public, because it may lead to the peril of our country. If we were talking about our war plans and it was on live television, the enemy could be seeing this. We wouldn't even want average citizens to be seeing it. There could be spies in our country. Lots of things could happen that would not benefit us. The fate of our country could lie in the hands of the executive session.Overall, the executive session is a very important thing to keep. We need it because we should trust our congressmen, our senators and representatives could be falsely accused, and in times of war it is necessary. Without the executive session, our government would be changed, and for the worse.

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