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Exelon: Going Beyond Environmental Compliance Essay

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Jared Linden
SMGT 360


Why would a corporation that is in the business of making profit for its shareholders go beyond regulatory compliance? It’s nice to think that the reasons behind such actions are of good nature – perhaps even philanthropic. And while there are definitely good intentions behind such decision-making, there is also value added for the corporation. Exelon has outlined their goals to be compliant to regulations and their desire to go further. They’ve also positioned themselves as a carbon free alternative for energy by investing heavily in nuclear. However, they are also making a large financial bet by taking this stake. While they are ...view middle of the document...

” It’s important to note that for existing plants, any future regulations are going to be less stringent than for new plants.

Despite the relatively weak regulatory environment surrounding greenhouse gas emissions at this time, Exelon has been positioning themselves as a leader for emissions in the utility industry.

Commitment to the Environment

Exelon Corporation is a utility that is based in Chicago, IL. With an increasingly large magnifying glass under their industry due to climate change – of which carbon emissions from anthropogenic sources are in large part to blame – a company like Exelon is making a bet that with this public focus on carbon emissions, a business opportunity will present itself. Exelon makes it a point to adhere to current regulation by meeting standards and going above and beyond whenever applicable. In March of 2012 the company released a Corporate Policy Memo on the environment that stated:

“Exelon is committed to continually improving its environmental performance. We will demonstrated leadership and achieve sustainable growth by addressing the need for clean/low-carbon, affordable and reliable energy solutions through Exelon 2020 and other initiatives. We will engage stakeholders to preserve, restore and enhance the environment. We will promote a corporate culture where full compliance with environmental laws and regulations is the minimum level of acceptable performance, where environmental stewardship is valued and where business initiatives advance environmental sustainability.”

Exelon 2020 is a greenhouse gas abatement program that Exelon has installed into their business practices to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that the company emits.

In addition to taking this public stance on the environment, Exelon currently releases a Corporate Sustainability Report annually to help keep themselves aligned to their goals of environmental commitment. Recently, in India, the country requires that companies adopt a CSR policy, constitute a board-level CSR committee for oversight and implementation, and disclose their activities via a sustainability report. Such regulation in the United States does not currently exist, but Exelon is ahead of the curve in this regards.

This is significant because not only are they ahead of regulation in this regard, but the report talks of how they currently meet environmental regulation in the US and in some cases go beyond such regulation. It also gives investors – a growing number of which are looking to invest consciously as well as financially – transparency into the mindset of the company.

Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy

On their website, the first reason Exelon cites for committing to nuclear and renewable energy is because of the eminent threats of climate change to the world.
Exelon is one of the leading nuclear utilities in the US with over 130 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity generated every year. Electricity that – outside of the...

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