Existential Therapy Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper: Existential Therapy
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Reflection Paper: Existential Therapy
Existential Therapy is not a clear-cut therapy approach unlike Psychoanalysis or Behaviorism for example. It does not reduce individuals to labels such as depressed. But instead helps a person along the walk to express their depression and therefore lead that person through their depression into happiness. Existential therapy is a philosophical approach more than anything. It places a lot of emphasis on living and what it means to be an individual capable of making choices. It describes life as a constant state of metamorphosis as ...view middle of the document...

What is meant by that is that clients sometimes lose their path in life or their self-awareness of who they are and whom they want to be. At times, individuals tend to blame others for their shortcomings or they believe that they are trapped with their current lives with no room for change. According to the text (Corey, 2013), there are three central tasks to Existential therapy. The first task is to strengthen clients in their confrontations of anxiety that have been prolonged in their life. The second task is to help clients understand they are not “fully present in the therapy process itself.” (Corey, 2013). This is because if clients believe they are fully present in the therapy process, it might hinder their views and affect them outside of therapy. Lastly, the third and most vital task in my opinion is to aid clients in the process of redefining themselves and changing their worldviews for the better. The textbook states that Rollo May believed individuals seek out therapy to have a therapist free them from their unhappy lives, which can be compared to being enslaved. Existential therapy seeks to show clients that there have always been multiple possibilities and different options and that the client is the sum of their choices.
The role of a practitioner employing Existential therapy can be summed up in sentence. It is to get a “stuck person moving again” (Corey, 2013). It may sound like an easy task but it is actually quite daunting. First, the practitioner needs to comprehend the client’s subjective world. This can be done by employing a four-part framework consisting of personal, physical, social and physical dimensions (Mulhauser, 2011). If a client begins to complain about their current situation and how they are helpless in it or how they are a victim, the therapist guides them by having the client elaborate on their past choices which have led them into their current predicament though the emphasis is never on the past unlike other schools of therapy. To sum up their role, therapists are there to help clients accept personal responsibility and change the way they view life. The client’s therapeutic process should be as such. As clients express themselves, they are simultaneously releasing their anxieties and fears of a situation and...

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