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Exp 105 Week 2 Assigment Essay

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EXP 105: Week 2
Personal Learning Profile

A. LCI Results

Pattern Combination
Identify the type of learner you are in the box
Dynamic Leaner

Record your LCI scores in the boxes provided.
Record the Level of Use in the boxes provided
Use First
Use First
Use as Needed
Use as Needed

B. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Sequence
(Write a paragraph of four to five sentences describing the degree to which you use this Pattern.)
Sequence is a routine of my life, I use it lot weather it is good or bad.  I feel the need to follow a plan. I also need to have a clear explanation of what I’m expected to do. At work I am usually the one that needs to write out a plan of ...view middle of the document...

Precision another pattern I use first. I tend to have the need to have the correct information. I do not like making mistakes and I ask a lot of questions in order to obtain more information. I like it when I am given detailed answers about what is going on. I with anything give to me I immediately jumped onto the internet to search for additional information to learn and better understand. In school tend to the most because of learning disability it has driven me to always not want to make mistakes and if I can avoid it by asking questions that will give me the information why not.

D. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Technical Reasoning
(Write a paragraph of four to five sentences describing the degree to which you use this Pattern.)
Technical reasoning I use as needed to figure things out alone but do not avoid interactions with others. I do not like people to tell me how to do things or how to fix it. I like to figure it out myself if gives me a sense of accomplishment. I would say that I am pretty good with figuring out most things and will navigate through it until; I have learned how to use it.

How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Confluence
(Write a paragraph of four to five sentences describing the degree to which you use this Pattern.)
I use Confluence as needed ad I like exploring new things, new ideas, and new places. When it comes down to it I like to do new things it excites me and interest me .I like to learn more and that is just in everyday life whether it be a new way to cook something or visiting new places. I am not a big risk taker though. I will only take risk when the outcome outweighs it. I function with rely of being in certain pattern and schedule.

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