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Expanded Comparison Of Leadership Articles Essay

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This is a comparison of three articles and all the components which are required for a research study. It is a qualitative assessment conducted to measure the validity of research articles, and is accomplished by comparing, contrasting and synthesizing the information. Article one; is a study of existing paradigms which studies the leadership known as transformational. It is suggested in this article that public organizations are not as bureaucratic as people stereotype them. It is further noted that the performance measures which are in place support higher levels of the leadership known as transformational in spite of their hierarchical structures (Wright, 2010). Article two; explores ...view middle of the document...

Conversely; when an organization refrains from the practice of reward for performance, transformational leadership is higher (Wright, 2010). In article two the study sets out to prove that personnel who are managed with a transformational leadership style, will be more committed to the organization, and will have more job satisfaction than those employees who are managed with a leadership style known as transactional. Customer satisfaction is directly related to the attitude of the personnel (Emery C. R., 2007). The study in article three examines two questions: The first is the parental practices of both parents and the differential role they play and how this relates to conflicts between parents, and behavioral issues with children. The next question is how passive genotype–environment correlation plays a role in interactions between parents and the potential problems with behaviors children might exhibit (Harold, 2013).
Literature Review
Article one explores the different cultures in the organization and relates these to transformational leadership behaviors. This is very similar to article two which examines the differences between transformational and transactional leadership styles and how they relate to organizational commitment and employee satisfaction. These two studies examine the effects of organizational leadership on employee satisfaction. A healthy work environment is conducive to better attitudes in workers which in turn results in happy customers. Article three however is a totally different type of study. In this study the author measures the effect of the other parental practices; specifically inter-parental conflict and hostile parenting and how this relates to negative child outcomes and children's externalizing problems. This study consists of two analyses, one which examines the role of mother-to-child and the other father-to-child, with the variables being hostility, inter-parental conflict, and children’s externalizing behavior problems. The analyses which were conducted utilized four primary sets of subjects across genetically related and genetically unrelated parent-child groupings. These were compared to establish an association to the various conflicts. Although the authors in articles one and two had very similar objectives the only authors referenced in both were Bass, Burns, Conger, Howell, and Porter. There were no common authors from articles one and two referenced in article three or vice versa.
Populations Sample
In article one the sample population consisted of 1,322 high-level public administrators in municipalities exceeding 50,000 residents (Wright, 2010). In the second study the people that participated were over 77 branch managers from three banking organizations and some 47store managers a national food chain (Emery C. R., 2007). The third study’s sample had 361 sets of adopted children and adoptive mothers and fathers. All of these participants came from adoption agencies located in...

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