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Expectations Essay

718 words - 3 pages

University of Phoenix, Memphis, TN
Masters in Business Administration/Healthcare Management, Expected Graduation, January 2011
University of Phoenix, Memphis, TN
Bachelors of Science Healthcare Administration, September 2008
Southwest Tennessee Community College, Memphis, TN
Associates of Applied Science, December 2006
Concorde Institute, Memphis, TN
Medical Assistant Certificate, May 1998 
* More than 10 years work experience in Healthcare.
* Assisting in providing care to age specific patient population such as adolescent, young adult, adult and older adult.
* Performing patient care duties within the scope of Medical Assistant training. ...view middle of the document...

* Liaison between the Medical Assistant students and Concorde, numerous hospitals and physicians in the area planning and administering student externship programs. Develop and maintain effective business relationships with extern work sites.
* Took on additional responsibilities in the absences of Pharmacy Tech Program Chair. Duties included but not limited coordinate all interior and exterior activities, submit progress reports as requested.
LUNCEFORD FAMILY CENTER, Memphis, TN January 08 - July 09
Medical Assistant
* Takes patient’s vital signs and records in medical chart.
* Understands proper function and care of special equipment.
* Performs EKG, PFT, Audiometry, Titmus Test as indicated after a performance evaluation checklist completion. Also performs UDS, BAT, Phlebotomy, and other lab testing as indicated after performance evaluation checklist completion.
* Maintains records by completing patient records as directed; file record and reports
* Assists with collections/billing procedures as needed.
GRACELAND INTERNAL MEDICINE, Memphis, TN August 04 - January 08
Medical Assistant
* Assists providers during examination and treatment
* Takes vital signs and performs all ancillary tests appropriate to skill level, certifications and state regulations
* Performs ancillary testing and tasks as ordered by the Center Medical Director (PFT, EKG, injections, audiograms, blood draws) and as certified.
* Assists in surgery set up and injury care...

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