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This car purchasing experience was the best I have ever had. The staff was knowledgeable, and worked diligently to get me the car that I wanted, in a way that I could manage, with the best interest rate possible. Everything about the car I purchased was explained to me before I left, the car was detailed, and filled with gas before we pulled off the lot. We were given information for contacting the dealership in case of questions or problems, as well as had our first maintenance appointment scheduled. All in all, it was the least painful experience I have ever had purchasing a car, taking less than 3 hours from start to finish, and now I have a car I can count on to transport my family on a daily basis.
Mike Young made us the day and changed a bad experience (with another dealership) for the best. It was at the end of the day, of a business day, and we left from Toyota ...view middle of the document...

She helped me with the gift for my friend. We found a very beautiful purse. I purchased the purse and when I was about to leave the sales person recommended that I check one more purse for myself which they just received. She was showing me the purse and explaining all the best sides of it, the quality, and perfection.
Originally I wasn’t going to buy anything for myself, and also knew that the sales person can advertise their products the best way they can. That day she motivated me to buy the purse for myself that was worth one thousand dollars. It was an expensive purse but very unique. The salesperson assured me that I could trust the Gucci quality, and I would be happy with my choice. She told me that I would never regret this purchase. I ended up purchasing the second purse for myself.
After two months the handle broke. The quality of the purse was not as good as the sales representative assured me. I worse that purse only four times within this period, and I couldn’t believe my eyes that the purse with the value of one thousand dollars could be broken. I was very angry because I did trust the salesperson, and bought the purse. I certainly thought that because Gucci products were expensive they had great quality.
I felt very bad for spending so much money for the bad quality and false promises. I lost my money and had to waste my time to go to the store again. Of course, I didn’t get my money back. I received store credit, which would allow me to get another purse of the same value. But how would I now trust the Gucci quality and how would I now trust the representatives in the store? This purchase experience was very bad for me both emotionally and financially.
After this experience I made some final decisions for myself. I shouldn’t believe in everything that I hear from the store representatives. They only think about their profit. They need to sell their products no matter how good or bad the quality is. Salespersons can manipulate our thoughts and minds and make us buy things that we might not even need. I would never forget this shopping experience with Gucci.

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