Experiential Marketing Application Essay

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Nowadays, in the changing and competitive economy environment, the service industry has become a main focus of attention. An important part of this environment is that many companies are trying to distinguish themselves as creating a unforgettable customer experience through their products and services. Identifying appropriate characteristics that affect the experience requires the company to create a unique experience to the customer and getting a better understanding of how they influence consumers' perception of product value (ANDREW, 2009). Therefore, the experience marketing has become the cornerstone of the latest progress places as brand promotion, event marketing and ...view middle of the document...

Tourism and hotel offers different spaces for people to consume. Theme park, hotel, restaurant, and bar provides the increasingly complex consumer with more and more opportunities to consume. The hotel and tourism industry has become the most important economic activities, which may be due to the changes of supply and requirement. The changes show that there is a requirement of qualitative and diversification consumption in the hotel and tourism industry (Pine & Gilmore, 1999).

This paper will firstly review the literatures about the shift from traditional to the customer-experience based economy and the impact of customer experience on brand equity in the services setting. And then, this paper will also use with some detailed examples to study how the companies in the tourism and hotel industry create experience for their consumers and what the impacts of the e-marketing on customers and market behavior. At last, some suggestions and implications will be given to the marketers in the tourism and hotel industry.

Literature review

2.1 The shift to the customer-experience based economy
About 40 years ago, the futurist Alvin Toffler (1970) pointed out that a shift will profoundly affect the products and services and then lead the economy to the next age, which is called as “experience industry”. The experience or experience dimensions is a combination of many individuals that get together, which may involve consumers’ emotional, physical and mental elements (ANDREW, 2009). Experience dimensions examples might include the physical environment, social environment and other consumers. Carlson (1997) estimates that experience can be described as the thoughts or feelings that occurred in the the moment of consciousness. Actually, organizations can not grant consumers the experience. Instead of that, the organizations can only create environments and circumstances in which the consumers can have an experience (ANDREW, 2009). It is the consumer or travelers that puts the resources together in the consumer experience as the production of tourist experience as to add the link in the production chain. That is to say, the experience consumed by the customer occur inside the people and the results or the consumer experience should be on the dependence of how customer reacted to the staged encounter, according to particular circumstances or mental state (Pine & Gilmore, 1999).

In the modern service industry, a lot of attentions have been paid to create experience for customers. Some researchers believed that, as the society has provided an increasing number of commercialized products and services, the enterprises must look for new ideas and marketing strategies to distinguish themselves from their competitors (Williams, 2006). What the consumers want is more than the products and services , but experience, interpersonal relationship, and the stories behind the business (Pine & Gilmore, 1999). To achieve this goal, the company should focus on...

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