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Experimental Experiment Essay

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Experimental Experiment
In this short report I will be utilizing the scientific method to help solve problems that I have been having with my mode of transportation. I will be starting with a question and moving through the method to produce an experiment that I will conduct on my Honda CBR 600RR to attempt to fix a coolant leak.
I have already started my process of elimination by checking, testing, and replacing key components of the coolant system the runs through the front end of my motorcycle. Some of the things I have tried is pulling out the radiator to check if there has been any damage done due to weather or rock chipping from high speed travel, after that proved not to be the problem I started going down the line. The question I imposed ...view middle of the document...

First I will follow a method that is used as part of a lean production system call PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), this is a check list I use to help me solve various problems I have had and will have in the future. In my plan I must remove the exterior fairings that house the all the vital components, then remove the components themselves, after doing so I will replace them with the new ones. The next step is to Do which is self-explanatory, follow the plan. Now to move on to Check, I go over each piece removed and the bolts that held everything in place and double check that everything has been done right so when I move to act there are no unforeseen complications that may occur. Now it’s time to act, I have removed the components and placed them on a mapping diagram to insure everything is put back in its rightful place. Once the new parts have been installed I go on to testing the vehicle without the exterior fairings so that I may be able to watch as it runs to find other potential problems and see if it is all working properly. It seems that the problem has been fixed, but I’m not done yet, the final test is to drive it in a setting where I have noticed more leaking than usual before replacing parts so in order to re-enact that setting I have to take it up to speeds exceeding 60 MPH on a day with the temperature no lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. These settings will cause my coolant system to work harder in order to keep my engine from overheating.
After a long day of hard work and planning the problem has ceased to occur, my hypothesis was correct, and the reservoir had been compromised by exposure to high heat and damage from debris on the road. The feeling of accomplishment is more than gratifying.

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