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Expert System Essay

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Expert Systems
This paper will explain what Expert Systems are about, how it works the benefits and detriments and give an example about the system.
Experts Systems is a man-made cleverness program that has expert level knowledge about a particular area and knows how to use its knowledge to respond properly. In all aspects the expert systems should replace a human expert. As defined by Edward Feigenbaum, “expert system is a wise computer program that uses knowledge and reading procedures to solve problems that are difficult to require major human expertise for their solutions.” (Robin, 2010)
Additionally expert systems are usually considered to have six major components which give detail information about how the system works. It is obvious that expert systems must work behaviorally with system users in assisting them in making better decisions. The system interacts with the user by ...view middle of the document...

The explanation facility shows the user how each decision is secondary and the systems are only as good as their programming. So if the information in the knowledge base is incorrect or if the reading engine is not designed properly, the results will be useless. (How Expert System Work, 2010-2014)
Nevertheless just like with any systems there are advantages and disadvantages, so we have to take the good with the bad. But some of the advantages of expert systems are increased output and productivity as well as better accuracy and consistency. They can function as instructors since they obtain expertise into clearly defined rules and capture of rare expertise. The system will be available to provide second opinions within the area. Routine decisions are quickly made by the systems and improvement of problem solving abilities. The systems are more secure than an expert employee who may be hired by a competitor. (How Expert System Work, 2010-2014)
On the other hand, the disadvantages to expert systems are they fail to adapt to a frequently changing environments. They are usually limited to a very narrow area and may have difficulty coping with large discipline knowledge decisions. The systems usually require massive databases of information gathered from recognized experts in a given field. (How Expert System Work, 2010-2014)
Lastly an example of expert systems can vary greatly depending on which field an individual has interest about. An example of an expert system is pneumoconiosis, a lung disease, X-ray diagnosis. The expert system incorporates the reading engine to examine the outline on the X-ray. The outlines are used to determine the type and the degree of pneumoconiosis.
In conclusion expert systems can be a great economic success on the economy and also a curse. But as the world advances and grows with technology, it’s going to be imperfection. But the more we know to help society, the better the population around the world will be.
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