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Explain Fully Charlie's Attempt To Escape The Past In F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited,"

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Explain fully Charlie's attempt to escape the past.In F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited," Charlie Wales has come to Paris to try toget custody of his daughter Honoria from his late wife's sister Marion, to whom the childwas entrusted after Charlie fell apart several years before. In order to get Honoria back,he needs to present a facade of being much more "whole" than he really is; but he is fullyaware of the split between the fantasy he has created and the reality he lives.It is natural that in returning to a place where one has once lived, one should revisitfamiliar places, and Charlie spends the first scene of the story in a bar. From this we learnthat Charlie has had a problem with alcohol, and that ...view middle of the document...

But Marion, Charlie's sister-in-law, the sister of his deceased wife Helen, whohas custody of Honoria does not think so. She refers to an incident when Charlie lockedHelen out of the house in the snow, apparently a relatively short time before Helen'sdeath. Although there is no real medical connection between the snow incident andHelen's heart attack, Marion still connects the two events in her mind because theyoccurred about the same time, and unjustifiably holds Charlie responsible for the death ofhis wife. Fitzgerald introduces a tragic element to the story with the perception that timefight. Her pain and prejudice against Charlie transcend time though she sees that he isnow a fit parent and guardian. But in the same time she does not want to be a barrierbetween him and Honoria. She basically agrees with Charlie to give him his daughterback but by the way she sad it we can see that feud between them is not over. She justAnd the past gives her that chance. His old friends appears like "ghosts fromthe past". And even their appearances very short and looks harmless it'svery symbolic for Marion. She sees that in her way, the way that Charliedidn't change much. He still the same old Charlie she hates and blames forthe death of her sister Helen. She didn't say anything, she just leave the roombut this is the end. Duncan Schaeffer and Lorraine Quarrles, Charlie's pastkill his dream for new, better life for him and his daughter."They couldn't make him pay forever." Of' course not, and most probably sometime later he would get his beautiful Honoria back, but what happened todaybecome past in the future and that past may come back again to hunt him.

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