Explain How Children And Young Peoples Developments Are Influenced

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2.1 - Explain how children and young people's development is influenced by a range of personal factors
2.2 - Explain how children and young people's development is influenced of external factors
- Explain how theories of development and frameworks to support development influence current practice

2.1: Children and young people's development is influenced by a range of personal factors. These factors affect children and young people's development and is usually knowledgeable by genetics.
According to Children and young people's workforce Level 3 Miranda Walker 'Children's health can have a big impact on their development.'

Health status:
In some cases children are born with a ...view middle of the document...

If a child has a hearing problem this could influence their development, it could affect their speech and communication and make them feel they are unable to join in the activities if they do not feel they can communicate properly. Children with visual impairment can also be an influence to a child's development as they be unable or find it difficult to watch and learn from what others are doing.

External factors affect development from when a child is born onwards. All children and young people are constantly experiencing these.

Poverty and deprivation:
Living in poverty is extremely stressful for families. Not only may there be constant worry about having enough food to eat, they could also worry that the food they can afford do not have the nutrition and healthiness they need. Parents may find it hard to provide their children with the suitable clothing needed. This could have effect everyone's mental health and well as have an impact on physical health. Children who live in poverty may also be restricted to playing outside as it is dangerous so do not have the opportunity to develop any social relationships. Children and young people may also experience the stigma of poverty, which affects their self-esteem and self respect impacting on social and emotional development. According to Children and young people's workforce Level 3 Miranda Walker 'Statistics show that by the time a child from a poorer family is 2 years old, there are more likely to show a lower level of attainment than a child from a better-off child.' By the time a child is the age of 6, a less-able child from a rich background is more likely to have overtaken an able child from a poor family.

Family environment and background:
The way in which a child is raised has a significant impact on their development. In most homes, parents do a good job in nurturing and providing for their children. They do their best to feed them appropriately, keep them safe and give them emotional support. Parents also support their child throughout their schooling life by being actively involved in homework or taking an interest in what the child does. Parents may also take their children to activities out of work such as football or soft play for younger children. This has a positive impact on development and life outcomes. Unfortunately, some parents may not have the knowledge or support to provide for their children effectively. Depression, alcohol and other illegal substance taking may also be contribute to parents inability to fulfil their parenting role easily. This could affect the children in the way they develop.

Looked after/care status:
There are many reasons why children may be in the care of the local authority, including family breakdown, inadequate parenting, youth offending and disability. Some children may be living in care, living with foster parents, or may have care status....

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