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Explain How Climate Change Impacts The Sustainability Of Pacific Islands Nations

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The Pacific islands are without a doubt one of the world’s most vulnerable nations when it comes to sustainability impacts of climate change. There are several low-lying coral islands which some are already suffering from disaster as the ocean waters have claimed much of their island. For instance, Kiribati only lying 6 meters above sea water, who knows what Kiribati’s future is.

One of the affects of climate change is the social impact on towns. For example if Samoa was forced to leave to another island/home where they didn’t have coconut trees they would be losing a massive part of their traditional culture. The coconut trees were not only used for food but clothing, shoes, making nets etc. therefore there is loss of traditional ...view middle of the document...

Also with climates changing cyclones are not appearing as often as in the 1970’s, but are gaining more power and are doing more damage. For example Cyclone Pam which struck Tuvalu, Fiji , Kiribati, Vanuatu and many other Pacific nations where over 3000 people were displaced.

Increases in sea water temperature would cause coral bleaching of the reef causing it to die. This would result in the natural food chain of the reef being affected causing many species of marine life to die and possibly become extinct. Also causing one of the main food sources of Pacific Islanders to be lost. For example Mangrove areas in The pacific Is. Will decline by 1% with a 2 degrees Celsius temp increase.

When a reef dies it makes Pacific Island nations more vulnerable to storms swells and ocean surges as the reef acts as a natural protection wall. Without the natural protection of the reef there would be accelerated coastal erosion.

Unfortunately tourism decreases due to dying coral reefs. There will be a loss of jobs. For e.g. Dying coconut trees and industries that surround it like clothes making, fishing net makers. It also effects the fishing industry. This is a massive domino effect relating directly back to climate change. Crop failure due to poor soil and weather results in larger food imports and loss of exports which in turn will cost the islands a lot of money.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats that Pacific Nations face, Imagine how hard it is going to be for them to maintain or improve on the current Social, Environmental and Economic standards they have when climate change can affect all aspects of the country and living conditions. This will take many years to mend and some of it may not be mend-able.

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