Explain How Sacred Texts Provide Understanding Of Peace Is Expressed In Christianity And Islam

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The bible, Quran and Hadith are respected texts and are regarded as the books of truth. Believers take these sacred texts as the revealed message from God – the truth. As such, they are used as a guide to life in the pursuit of peace between people and also between people and God. Jesus and Muhammad had a role in spreading the teaching of peace. To understand how the Muslims and Christians view peace it is imperative to first understand what peace means. Most people would refer to peace as freedom of war, disagreements, conflict and calmness of mind. To understand the roles of Christianity and Islam in the teaching of peace the concepts of inner peace, world and society peace has to be ...view middle of the document...

Just as a person who has killed another will be subject to judgment, Jesus also explains that even if a person is angry at the his brother (Matthew 5:22) or calls another a ‘fool’, then they too will be subject to the same judgment as the scriptures explain murder begins in the heart. It later calls for peace with your enemies or the people who a person has hurt, in Matthew 5:25 it says to; “Settle matter quickly with your adversary”. This explains that it is not wise to have enemies; one should make peace as soon as possible because enemies are capable of causing great damage.

The Jewish word for ‘peace’ is actually a Hebrew word referring to the spiritual and material well-being of individuals and the religious community. It is often used in conjunction with other terms such as “peace and protection”. In Jude 1:2 it says; “Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you” – “peace” – refers to the state of a person who rests in the Lord completely for salvation and protection

Other scriptures speak of the emphasis of peace between the people and between people and God. Hebrews 12:14 talks about living peaceably with all men in every effort to be holy, “without holiness no one will see the Lord” – the author of this scripture explains that it is the believers aim to live peaceably and if they do not they will not see Christ because Christ is peace – “Prince of Peace”. In John 14:27 explains peace as a special grant from Jesus. The peace that Christ gives has the power to banish all free and dread from the heart, as Christ is in control of all circumstances.
The Christian scriptures including the four Gospels present Jesus as the means of peace. He not only offers peace mention in John 14:27, but ultimately embodies this peace in His ministry, death and resurrection –...

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