Explain The Teaching Role In Construction Education And Learning

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Assignment 1 Question 1

1 - Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching training cycle.

I am trainer and preparing to teach various subjects, learners may be from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds.

Prior to Training
The candidate prior to the course will have completed a knowledge review from which I can prepare a training needs analysis, any paperwork / pre-course information will be send to the learner, it’s the I also take into account budgeting it is my responsibility to analyse the paperwork and create an initial assessment, I can now plan my course planning for any special needs, preparing any sign posting that may arise ...view middle of the document...

I must prepare any resources and materials needed. Enough handouts and power point presentation tested, working and ready to run,
As students develop better understanding of aims and objectives their needs change and this must be reflected in continual reassessment, it is the teachers responsibility to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of their delivery by taking into account learners changing needs.

Troublesome learners can be a problem with this in mind I need to maintain and reinforce ground rules and take further action if needed, if any learner needs further instruction I will offer ongoing support.
A boundary for the tutor would be that learners may expect the tutor to know everything, this is not possible, As the tutor I need to use assessments using formative and summative assessment, to evaluate the learners.
Post Training
I need to make and take assessments I prepare a self assessment and collect any peer evaluations, feed back from the learners is a important tool to re-evaluate course contents, I support learners by I sign post them to any relevant information needed or to further employment or next step in education
I am also responsible for leaving the training venue as I found it reporting any damages to whoever is responsible for the room, and servicing any equipment that was used in the course.
As the tutor it is my responsibility to evaluate the course to make sure that learners are achieving the course objectives, and develop the course if needed

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