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Explain What Criminalistics Is And The Basis For Their Actions

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Criminalistics is the professional and scientific discipline directed to therecognition, identification, individualization, and evaluation of physical evidence byapplication of the natural sciences in matters of law and science. Criminalistics includesthe identification of physical evidence and findings as to its origin. Criminalistics is oneof many divisions in the field of forensic science. The crime laboratory in which physical evidence obtained by the police in thecourse of an investigation is examined in may be known as a forensic science laboratory.Laboratory technicians are often knows as forensic scientists. The professional group inthis field, however still identify with the ...view middle of the document...

Members of the Criminalistics Section examine evidence with many types ofcrimes, such as shootings, beatings, stabbings, sexual assaults, hit and runs, murders, andbreaking and entering cases just to name a few. Some of the biological evidence that acriminalist may have to examine could be hair and other body fluids such as blood,semen, saliva, etc. Physical evidence that they may examine could be clothing,fingerprints, documents, and tool mark, etc. Criminalists may have to analyze DNA matter in order to rule out a suspect. DNAis the identification by genetic code and analysis in crime labs of blood samples andsamples of other body fluids. DNA in humans is found in all cells that contain a nucleus,except in red blood cells. Accuracy, reliability, and validity being established in courttestimony of DNA experts are growing in a number of cases. DNA testing has become anestablished part of the criminal justice procedure. Some different types of evidence that are common to police cases are, (1)weapons- firearms, (2) weapons- knives and bludgeons, (3) drugs and poisons, (4)imprints and impressions, (5) tool marks, (6) traces of identity- blood, (7) Blood (tests,)(8) hair and fibers, (9) dust, dirt, and debris, (10) flammable fluids- fire and explosiveresidue, (11) glass, (12) paint, (13) semen stains, (14) wood, (15) suspected poison food,(16) documents, (17) feces, (18) vomit, and (19) urine.Criminalist use special equipment associated with scientific techniques.Equipment designed especially for identification of firearms and examination ofquestioned documents are part of the inventory of a Criminalistics laboratory....

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