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Explain What The Concept Of The 'will' Is To Arthur Schopenhauer

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Schopenhauer's WillImagine every morning when you get out of bed, you're thrust into an existential crisis. That's probably what life was like for Arthur Schopenhauer. Throughout Schopenhauer's education in Europe, he was taught skepticism and critiques on previous philosophers that denounced faith and a divine plan, rather to focus on self-consciousness and rationalization of self. This philosophical education gave Schopenhauer thoughts on the supreme principle and he came up with his own conceptual consciousness. This concept of Schopenhauer's Will is explained through his separation of Will and Intellect, the cohesion of mind and body, and his presupposition of the inexistence of ...view middle of the document...

While the will drives us to act, the way we interpret and engage in these subconscious activities is through our intellect. The conversations we have, the foods we want to eat when we're hungry, the movies we go see are all examples of our intellect. As human beings, Schopenhauer thinks us of as two sides of a coin Our Will and Intellect. The Will is further examined when Schopenhauer discusses our relationship with our will and our body.Our body can be viewed as different representations. It has a double-asected quality where we can perceive it as an object external of our consciousness, such as a hand exists, it moves; but, also perceive it subjectively, as our Will. What this means is that when we move our hand, it is not supposed to be understood as a motivational act that first happens, and then causes movement, but as one single step, ( Schopenhauer takes the Will and encompasses both motivation and action together to explain what makes the hand move. It happens simultaneously and is derived from the same natural force. This concept is different from philosophers, like Kant, who believed that there were two reasons behind action, namely motivational forces and then the choice to act. Schopenhauer states that the Will is a combination of subconscious motivation to move and the action of movement itself, thus giving the Will all of the power to shape the world, pre individuation.The third part of the Concept of Schopenhauer's Will is his presupposition of the inexistence of God. With the view of the world as driven by the force of a natural existing will, Schopenhauer is actually asserting the inexistence of God. The world as described by Schopenhauer, "is an endless striving and blind impulse with no end in view, devoid of...

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