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Explain Why It Is Important To Select Teaching And Learning Approaches, Resources And Assessment Methods To Meet Individual Needs

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What are the roles, responsibilities and relationships of a social purpose educator in your chosen teaching context?
In this essay I will attempt to explain the roles, responsibilities and relationships of a social purpose educator in my chosen teaching context.
The principle role of a teacher is to share knowledge in a way that will encourage enthuse and support students in their learning. A teacher motivates and encourages students to study independently. To understand the needs of the students and ensure that their needs are met, an initial assessment should be undertaken for example, is the environment appropriate for a disabled person, has a person with learning difficulties got ...view middle of the document...

Key aspects of regulation that would apply to myself, would be codes of practice in the lifelong learning sector, legislation that deals with vulnerable or disabled adults and specific codes of practice I’m expected to adhere to within the organisation I work with.
The most important pieces of legislation I should be aware of in my role are.

The Data Protection Act (1998)

* All client information including hand written and computer records, must be kept in a secure place.
* The information you have must be accurate and up to date and must not be disclosed to anyone else.
* Clients have the right to request access to all written and stored information about them at any time.
* Premises must be registered with the data protection registry to hold client (and staff) personal information.
* Any out of date information and records that are no longer required must be shredded or disposed of in a secure way. You must not store client information for longer than necessary.
* You have responsibilities under this act to insure you maintain client confidentiality and do not divulge any information about them to unauthorised persons.
* You must use your clients' information only for the purpose for which it was supplied.

The Equality Act (2010) replaced all previous anti-discrimination legislation and consolidates it into one act (England, Scotland, Wales). it provides rights for people not to be directly discriminated against or harassed because they have an association with a disabled person or that they are wrongly perceived as disabled.
To ensure you comply with the Equality Act 2010, you need to be proactive in all aspects of equality and diversity, and make sure your teaching style and resources promote and include all students in respect of nine protected characteristics;
Age, Disability, Gender, Gender Identity, Race, Religion and belief, Sexual orientation, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Maternity and Pregnancy.
Gravels A, (2012) Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. 5th Ed. London: Sage. Page 54.
The code of practice which is set by the organisation I work for is based around Confidentiality and Unconditional Positive Regard. These codes of practice are there to protect both the advisor and the client and are the foundations on which the project operates.
I was CRB checked before I was allowed to work with any of the public. The organisation is a local charity and operates a confidentiality policy, and complies with the data protection act with regard to record keeping. Record are kept of the problems people present, the action taken and the numbers of people seen in a day. It is important keep detailed records as evidence. when showing potential funders, the difference being made to the local community.

By equality we mean the right of every individual and group to be treated equally. By Diversity we mean recognising and valuing difference. To promote equality and value...

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