Explain Your Ideas For Staging The Opening Scene Of 'educating Rita'. Show How You Think Your Ideas Would Be A Good Reflection Of Russell's Intention

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Willy Russell wrote this play and he was born near Liverpool. After leaving school, he trained to be a printer even though he did not want to do it. However when he came to do his exam, he failed. Then he trained to be a hairdresser. He did this for six years; he didn't understand it or even like it. He still bought his own salon, but when it was quiet, he would do what he liked doing best. This was writing! He mostly wrote songs to begin with, but also tied to write books, poems and sketches. This made him decide that he wanted to do O level English Literature. The play 'Educating Rita' was written in 1985, however, in my staging of the play, I would make it a modern play, and this is so ...view middle of the document...

Frank will be dressed in a formal brown suit with a white long sleeved shirt and any plain matching tie. The tie however, will be worn loosely, as though Frank can't be bothered. Frank doesn't come across to me as a man who has many accessories. Nevertheless, I think it would be entertaining for the audience if Frank had a hip flask. He wouldn't have to use as we could say it was empty. Later on in the play, Frank's appearance will have changed. This is because I think he changes for Rita therefore his costume would be much brighter. He would still wear the same sort of clothes except they would be brighter, this may make him seem more approachable and more like Rita, or it will make him seem as though he has become more of an alcoholic and he can't match his clothes properly.Rita will be dressed very different to Frank. However as the play is set nowadays it will be a modern play. Therefore, as Rita is only 26, which is still quite young, she needs to be wearing modern clothes. At the beginning, Rita will be wearing a pair of jeans with some trainers. She will also be wearing a plain t-shirt with a long coat. Rita will be cluttered with accessories. She will be wearing a lot of jewellery and will carry a big handbag. It will contain, her make-up, her purse, her phone, her cigarettes. Plus Rita Mae Browns book 'Rubyfruit jungle'. I think Rita carries this book around with her for two reasons. The first is because she thinks that 'it's fantastic'. The other reason is that it makes her feel secure and as though she has knowledge. It is like her bible! I will show this by shining a spotlight on to the book every time she mentions it. However, by the end of the play the light will be very dim because this isn't her favourite book infact she doesn't think that it's a very good book. By the end of the play she will be wearing very little make up. She will have a natural hair colour with random dreadlocks in. She will be wearing a floaty dress with jeans on underneath, and instead of the big handbag she will carry a rucksack. Overall, she will look like a hippy.The main feature of the stage would be the window. This is because it would make it so the audience were looking through the window; when Rita mentions the window she would be looking out towards the audience. The lighting in the play would change depending on the characters feelings. For example at the beginning, the only source of light would be coming through the window and a very dim light over Frank. As Frank and Rita get to know each other better, the light would get brighter but as they drift apart, it would go dim again. They each would have their own spot light which would show there individual feelings.Franks opening monologue is very important because this is the first point in which we meet him. It shows him looking down a bookshelf of classic books, this sort of pulls 'wool over our eyes' as we think he is looking at the book, when infact he is looking a bottle of whiskey. I would...

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