Explanation Of How Tecnology Is The Future And Has Benefited Humans

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Technology is the future. These famous words have been spoken throughout history. God has given us brains and hands to use; He expects us to learn and discover. With the help of technology life has been made a little easier. Technology has saved lives and will save lives in the future. It enables us to learn more about our ancestors and about ourselves. Technology is good, we should not waste the opportunity of using technology.Well-known scientists, such as Stephen Hawkins, have brilliant minds, yet diseases have overcome them. But, with the help of technology, researchers have been able to keep ill-fated people, including Stephen Hawkins, alive. For diabetics they have found a way to make ...view middle of the document...

They should listen to some music." In the world we live in today, 'entertainment' is more often than not technology based. A good portion of children, teenagers, and young adults, like to watch television and DVD's, play Nintendo, and listen to the radio. These items are all examples of technology. My favorite DVD is Lost in the Tenth Dimension. But, I especially enjoy playing game cube, and my favorite game is Yokaz. When I do my homework I listen to the radio because it helps me concentrate. One time I was writing a history paper, but I had writer's block, whereupon I turned the radio on and then I started to write and I couldn't stop writing. These are all examples of technology.Human minds want to explore, and with the help of technology we have and are doing so at this very second. Technology has helped us to leave the earth's orbit. We have been to the moon. Humans have built probes, which are technology, and gone to Mars. We have found so many new gases; and our knowledge is growing. My sister, Mary, told me today that we have found evidence of water on Mars. These include special crystals and substances that exist only if there is, or was, water on the planet.Today's life is fast paced. There are always a million things one needs to do. Technology helps a person finish her/his tasks...

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