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Explians The Difference In Taking A Plea Bargin Or Going To Trial By Jury

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Trial by Jury verses Accepting a PleaIn the United States of America there are three conditions that need to be meet in order to for prosecution to decide if they are going to charge an offender with a crime and then prosecute them in court. These three conditions are as follows: they find that a crime has been committed; a perpetrator can be identified; and that there is sufficient evidence to support a guilty verdict. There are two ways to settle a criminal case, ether through a trial by jury or by the defendant accepting a plea-bargain.A trial by jury is an American tradition, and a fundamental American right. Most of us have never really tried to understand why that right was written ...view middle of the document...

There is always the chance that the jury would be hung or undecided on the verdict of the case, or the jury may acquit you of all charges brought against you. When you go to trial you're innocence or guilty is determined amongst a group of peers, and not a judge or a prosecutor. If you go to trial you can appeal the verdict of the case, this is not possible in a plea-bargain. As you can see there are many benefits to going to trial, especially if you are in fact innocence of the charges that are brought against you. As an American, it is your fundamental right to have a trial by jury.However, there are some disadvantages to going to trial. You may be found guilty even if you are in fact innocence. If you are found guilty you more than likely will be given the maximum sentence for the crime. There is also always the chance that some of the jurors will have very basis views and opinions about the facts, situations, and evidence in your case, which will affect the outcome of the verdict. Trials can be very time consuming, and lawyers are very expensive. If you are not financially secure then you will be appointed a court-appointed lawyer or public defender. This can be detrimental to your case because court-appointed lawyers have very big caseloads, and may not have the an impact on how well they represent you in your case. As you can see the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages...

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