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Explore The Ways In Which Hamlet Responds To The Ghost’s Demand For Revenge. What Impressions Of Him Might An Audience Gain?

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Explore the ways in which Hamlet responds to the Ghost’s demand for revenge. What impressions of him might an audience gain?

In the play Hamlet by Shakespeare, there is a strong theme of revenge. This begins with the Ghost of King Hamlet urging his own son to revenge his murder. The Ghost reveals that he was killed by Claudius, and expresses his disgust that Gertrude is now married to him. Even before knowing the details of his father’s murder, Hamlet is eager to immediately avenge his death. ‘Haste me to know’t, that I with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love may sweep to my revenge’. Hamlet wants revenge, but doesn’t know how to do it. He also does not want ...view middle of the document...

He skirts around the task at hand, and keeps thinking of reasons why he should wait before killing Claudius. However, Hamlet has such potential for committing revenge on Claudius successfully. He is a very clever man, and could easily outwit any member of the cast. He shows his intelligence frequently by making jokes, using puns and mocking people without them even realising! He also despairs at obsequious people.
At one point in the play, Hamlet organises a troop of actors to come and act out a play in which they reenact King Hamlet’s murder in front of Hamlet’s uncle. This is so that he can see if Claudius gives any revealing reaction. Although this is a rather bold move in proving that the Ghost’s accusations were correct, Hamlet is more focused on chastising himself for the fact that he has done nothing yet to properly avenge his father. However, his plan does succeed. Claudius abruptly leaves the play, calling for light, essentially revealing his guilt. Hamlet then goes after him, and after catching up with him, pulls out his sword to get ready to kill him. However, Claudius is...

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