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Exploring The Discourse Of International Affairs

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Exploring The Discourse Of International Affairs

When I first enrolled in State University, I began to search the course catalog for undergraduate programs. I was a transfer student from a Law school; therefore, I knew from past experiences that I was interested in Politics. State University offers Political Science and International Affairs. The word “international” got my attention due to the fact that I have always been interested in traveling and learning languages. I already spoke Spanish, English, and some French. Yet, I really did not know anythingabout my elected major; therefore, I knew that I needed to do more research.

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While students are focused more on past and current events, professionals are creating the fields of study for the future. There are different types of professions, students prepare themselves to choose from a large variety of globally oriented careers in business, diplomacy, governmental services, law, and non-profit sectors. Those interested in business could do field works for companies with corporate offices in different countries. If politics is your scope of interest, you could work in counsels or embassies representing your country in other countries; or represent your country in intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, or a specific cause in nongovernmental organizations such as Amnesty International. What ever concentration a student may chose to follow they are studying what other professionals have provide to them and, in the future, they will be the ones providing elements of study for other students.

Differences among students and faculty versus professionals are also obvious. Students are expected to know a little about everything in order to achieve critical thinking. On the other hand, professionals tend to forget the main purpose of this interrelated discipline and focus more on the objectives of their field of work. They tend to become less critical do to the fact that they are part of a...

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