Exploring The Importance And Purpose Of School

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It is common that most people believe success means having a high-powered job and earning a lot of money. However, to a great extent, success is defined as a situation in which a person has achieved his/her goal and is able to support him/herself morally and financially after completing the educational process. In school thorough a good education, students learn how to plan to achieve their goals. They also learn how to think critically and creatively, and improve the other skills they need. By exploring different subjects and fields they recognize their interests and abilities which lead them to achieve success. In schools students are encouraged to overcome their weaknesses through their ...view middle of the document...

..”, or “How are these two things different” before doing any projects or learning any new subjects. The other skill which is taught in school is problem solving skill which seems to be related to critical thinking. As Albert Einstein believes, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” (Harris). Thinking in a critical way, evaluating and understanding the relationship among the problem give a person a new perspective to look at the problem differently in order to solve it. Learning to communicate effectively with others is another skill which is taught to the students. Doing presentation is a very common and good example for building students’ communication skills. Almost every subject in secondary school requires presentations, and as a result, the students learn how to communicate with peers through discussions and gathering information. These skills prepare students to pursue future opportunities beyond secondary school.
Most schools offer students variety of courses that they can choose from, but the majority of students don’t have any ideas of what they might be interested in and what they should pursue in future life. They can’t blindly predict what they would enjoy until they have enough information. Confused students can get help from school counsellors or teachers to explore different subjects. This gives them opportunities to become interested in particular subject area which motivates them to study better and to work harder. It is clear to understand that there is always a strong relationship between motivation and achievement. Motivation is resulted mostly through education in the school setting. For example, a simple sticker on a quiz could boost up a student’s confidence and motivate him/her to study for future tests. It is possible that one is educated without going to school, but it is not always possible that he/she becomes a successful one in future life. The reason comes from the fact that schools teach students how to integrate and adjust into school lives and later, into today’s society. One needs to adjust to the global and socio-economical situations. Lack of having skill of adjustment makes it hard to be a successful person. Students come to schools with different experiences and abilities. Therefore, teachers try to imply different strategies to develop their abilities to learn and understand the subject’s matter easily. Development of the students’ abilities also helps them to enjoy their most interesting subject as well as motivate them to learn more about the others. As it was mentioned before, motivation and interest can enhance students learning and bring success to their future lives.
It is obvious that earning high marks isn’t easy and students aren’t going to succeed at everything they try for the first time. As students explore different subjects, they also learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Strengths aren’t a skill one can achieve nor is it...

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