Exploring The World Of Music: Music, Sound & The Environment

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Music defines & accompanies us in our journey of life. It is different from culture to culture. The word music can be defined in many words but scientifically it is an organized movement of sounds through a continuum of time. Music plays a role in all societies, and it exists in a large number of stylesThe root of music is vibration. Music needs physical objects wich vibrates, a median wich is air and an ear to listen. Without people to hear music, music will not exist.When you listen to music, you hear the basic notes played and something called overtones. An overtone is simultaneous notes played at the same times.Music must contain pitch; wich is the highness or lowness of a musical sound. ...view middle of the document...

Rhythm is the time elements in music. It can be free without a beet like traditional Japanese music. Harmony wich is an organized succession of notes of specific pitch and duration. Finally, texture wich is all of the elements of music combined to produce music. It can be complex like African drumming music and as simple as someone's voice.EnvironmentThe environment affects the way music is produced. Example like industrialization, social dissolutes and of cause wars all affect the way music is produced. In wars, music the music listened will be sad music. In a social dissolute like, American hippies wanting peace start singing and producing peace songs.Bosnia Herzegovina: GangaA sheep herd community in Herzegovina have created a singing style wich is sung outdoors. It reflects the conditions and lifestyles they live in. This singing is sung closely in groups. Because they sing closely in groups, their voices bounce off each other it travels far away. It is done not to perform but to express.Tuvan overtone singing:Also known by the term Harmonic Singing, this is a special vocal technique originating in the Altai - Tuvan - Mongolian region, which allows the singer to produce more than one musical note at once. It is said to be a form of singing originating in shamanism. This being the region where shamanism is said to have begun at the time of the last Ice Age many thousands of years ago. People who perform this type of singing can manipulate sounds of animals and the environment.To conclude sounds and music differ from culture to culture. With each culture having its own unique type of styles affected and influenced from the lifestyles and conditions its inhabitants live in.

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