Exploring Unix/Linux To Understand Operating Systems

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Exploring UNIX/Linux to Understand Operating Systems
Computers lead the world of technology, in order to understand a computer you need to know how one works by understanding the UNIX/Linux operating system’s history, uses in today’s world, file editors, management functions and advantages over other operating systems. Every computer runs an operating system to process data, user input, manage and perform tasks. One of the first operating systems created is UNIX which is the base system in later developments like Linux. UNIX and Linux are used today in many ways. They both offer many common features and file editors. UNIX has influenced the creation of other operating systems such as ...view middle of the document...

” Its time-sharing configuration allows multiple users to share a machine by using the idle time that is spent waiting for user input. In other words, multiple users can run multiple programs each at the same time without interfering with each other or crashing the system. UNIX/Linux are free “open-source” operating systems based on UNIX that was written in 1991. This means that their software can be modified, copied and redistributed without restriction or licensing. Like UNIX, Linux is also a ported operating system which is the process to adapt software to run on a different environment such as a Mac for example. Both systems use a utility called Kernel for its master control program to provide basic services, handle the file system, start and stop programs and other low level tasks on the operating system. Most importantly, the Kernel schedules access to hardware to avoid conflicts if two programs try to access the same resource or device simultaneously (“Unix”). UNIX provided the TCP/IP networking protocol on relatively inexpensive computers, which contributed to the Internet explosion of world-wide real-time connectivity, and which formed the basis for implementations on many other platforms (“Unix”). According to Juergen Haas UNIX is the leader in serving the Web. About 90% of the Internet relies on UNIX operating systems running Apache, the world's most widely used Web server (Haas). In many ways UNIX set the standards for today’s software development. What also makes UNIX impressive is how its software is used in other technologies.
Today UNIX/Linux is mainly used as a server operating system. UNIX operating systems are commonly used on large internet servers, super computers, businesses and universities. UNIX also plays a major part in academic and industrial research in operating systems because its construction allows it to be easily modified and has been improved in many ways by academic and industrial institutions. Describing how research UNIX and its adoption at academic institutions has served to develop computer science, Doug Comer writes: The use of UNIX as a basis for operating systems research has produced three highly desirable consequences. First, the availability of a common system allowed researchers to reproduce and verify each others' experiments. Second, having a solid base of systems software made it possible for experimenters to build on the work of others and to tackle significant ideas without wasting time developing all the pieces from scratch. Third, the use of a single system as both a research vehicle and a conventional source of computing allowed researchers to move results from the laboratory to the production environment quickly (Comer, pg. 44). Additionally, due to its low cost and the ability to be easily modified, phone companies are using Linux in their Smartphone’s and handheld devices. TiVo which is a digital video recorder uses a customized version of Linux. Companies like Korg,...

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