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Export Of Software From Bangladesh Essay

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During the late 90’s, Bangladesh has seen an increasing growth of the ICT industry. Initially, the favorable tax policy of the government of Bangladesh in 1998 accompanied
by the global affordability of personal computers have had tremendous impact on the
usage of computer. The favorable import tax policy on computers and computer accessories during that time was one of the timely steps taken by the government of Bangladesh. From then on, in accordance with the global trends, both private and public sectors in Bangladesh caught up with effective utilization of information technology. Information Technology is the combination of all ...view middle of the document...

BANGLADESH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED is a virtual Company consisting of 23 IT vendors in Bangladesh. This Company was expected to promote export of Software and Data Processing Services with the help of combined resources available with the share holding companies.

SOMEWHERE IN... is a Norwegian (80 per cent) Bangladeshi (20 per cent) joint venture
company that has set out on a journey to make a global solution for local communities.
We started in Bangladesh, a country lacking good web and mobile value added services,
but with a huge and fast growing domestic market and international market.


BASIS carried out a survey among the 152 participating companies in SOFTEXPO8
2005 to find out some key industry trends9. One of the findings of this survey provides a
good insight into the client/industry focus of the software companies operating in the
Bangladeshi market. The following section reproduces the findings of the BASIS survey
of operational domains of the software companies.

Fig. 1 Industry focus of Bangladesh software industry


After the software commencement of the software company in mid 90’s, Bangladesh is dominated by the international giants like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun etc. With passage of time local companies are established without help of the government. The local companies’ performances attract the foreign investors to invest in Bangladesh.


According to BASIS, more than 300 local software companies employ about 5,500 software professionals. In 2005 (during SOFTEXPO 2005), BASIS carried out a survey on 1,100 employees working in 55 companies. This section discusses the general findings
from that survey. Section 2.0 (Labour force) includes other findings (skill matrix, educational level etc.) of the same survey.

Table 3: Technical job distribution in software companies

Industry experts are of the opinion that the significant proportion of the jobs in the ‘noncoding’ segments (Project Management, System Analysis etc.) is an encouraging sign. They contribute to the commitment and seriousness of the local software companies. Keeping in mind the ever used 80-20 rule for management and technical work in software projects, the experts believe that with the increase in larger projects, the ‘non-code’ professionals in IT companies could establish their prominence more effectively and efficiently.


To build up a DIGITAL Bangladesh we need to grow up with world current trends of ICT policy. Bangladesh has a favorable environment to grow up a well established export sector in this field.

According to the industry stakeholders/experts, the major comparative advantages for software industry in Bangladesh are as follow:

 Cheap labour

Bangladesh has one of the cheapest rates for work force among the...

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