Expose The Multiple Contradictions And Mistakes Of The Cold War Players

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Historical Analysis : The Cold WarIn 1945 the second world war was over, over 45 million humans had been slaughtered, Germany was divided in two, Europe was in ruins. The Soviet Union expanded westwards and engulfed independent republics. Using its large armies in Europe to put pressure on the western Allies, the Soviet Union put in place many pro-Stalin regimes (like in Poland and in Czechoslovakia). An "iron curtain" was hung over Eastern Europe and the USSR. The Cold War began. Using every means except direct armed conflict, the two Superpowers struggled for world dominance. Although many may see that this "conflict" was very bad, the space race made available never before imagined ...view middle of the document...

This created hatred coming from its own population, which favoured revolts.Early in the Cold War the Americans believed in an idea referred as the Domino Theory (that if a country became communistic, neighbouring countries would soon fall under communism as well). This idea would lead in many failures for the USA, like the invasion of foreign countries. One could say that this Theory was a major mistake coming from the US as it lead to failures that lowered its image and caused even more chaos.Soon after the Berlin Blockade, a conflict broke out in Korea where the communist North (supposedly supported by Moscow) invaded the capitalist south. President Truman quickly reacted and demanded the UN to intervene. The UN security counsel approved (because the Soviet Representative was on strike at that moment) the intervention. The US contingent lead by General MacArthur was supposed to drive back the North Koreans to the initial limit, but MacArthur saw fit to try and take the rest of northern Korea which he nearly did. Unfortunately for him and the US, the Chinese decided to launch an attack against the Americans in fear of a US attack. MacArthur could have stopped the Northern communists if he hadn't been so greedy so greedy.By the 1960's the US was so afraid of communism that the CIA was used to wreck any communist government and promote "democracy" which usually took place under the form of corrupt dictatorships. This was a major contradiction in the American foreign policy.This lead to the attack of Cuba (under the rule of Fidel Castro, a communist revolutionary, who overthrew the US-supported dictator, Batista.). The invasion took place at the bay of pigs, at that time, Cuba wasn't supported by the USSR. The US failed their invasion and Cuba asked for the help of the Soviet Union. This was a big mistake for the US who turned the relatively harmless Cuba into a flashpoint. This event would then lead to the Cuban missile crisis.Half a decade before that incident, Nikita Khrushchev became the leader of the USSR. He had made massive changes to the country. He increased food production, as well as industrial goods production. He wanted to focus mainly on the people of the USSR. But the Cuban missile crisis cost him his job because people thought he had backed down, but he actually took one step towards peace as he managed to dismantle US missiles in Turkey which threatened to destroy Moscow. One may think that the USSR made a mistake but in this case, I think that this is a contradiction, as an international crisis it was judged to be more important than the quality of life of its own citizens.In the beginning of the second half of the 20th century certain countries of eastern Europe revolted and asked for independence, the Soviets immediately crushed them, these brutal actions reinforced the sense of oppression in the Eastern Block. This was a...

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