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Exposing Children
In “The Kids Are Not All Right” by Joel Bakan, it is understood that this generation of children are in crisis with the many addictive pulls influenced by society. Over the years it has been argued that children live in a sheltering generation with all the rules and regulations that have been created today. Society and media is not going to change based off the concerning parents in the world.
Children should be exposed to the real world in order to have an idea of what it entails. A corporation most likely wouldn’t hire a young teenager if they didn’t think they were just as capable to work as ...view middle of the document...

Jeanette Walls was the most intelligent, successful, and capable of all the Wells family. Each sibling grew up never to be fearful of what could happen. Instead, they had been exposed to the frightening aspects in this world and knew how to overcome them with the right attitude. This is a true story of kids that were unprotected from the world’s issues at a young age and grew into very wise and successful humans.
Joel Bakan makes a good point that there are many violent and sexual video games being advertised to the youth. It is agreed there are many healthier things to do than sit in front of a screen for more hours than a child is in school. Bakan expresses his discomfort with children’s electronic media being tolerant. Parents don’t have to let their child play certain video games; that is their decision. There might be some parents that view the mature video games as informational. There are people everywhere that abuse privileges, it is not just kids, but that shouldn’t mean it should be taken away from everyone. For example, there are alcoholics all over the world; does that mean we should ban alcohol for even the people that like one drink on a special occasion? Many people have problems and learn to deal with, and understand on their own. Parents that don’t agree with certain media because their child isn’t ready to be exposed to it shouldn’t try taking it away from kids that are responsible enough.
It is said in “The Kids Are Not All Right” that children are exposed to increasing quantities of toxic chemicals as well as harmful medications. The medications that have been released in today’s generation are exponentially greater than the medications available in our grandparent’s generations. Joel Bakan claims that “...drug companies withheld data suggesting that psychotropic drugs were more dangerous and less effective for children and teenagers than parents had been led to believe.” This sentence lacks ethos because it doesn’t name any precise drug company and continues to state that they withheld data. If data...

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