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Extended Response Essay

750 words - 3 pages

Assignment 1

What you have to do

Area of Study: Discovery

Assignment 1 will prepare you for Paper 1 in the HSC examination where you will need to answer questions on the Area of Study: Discovery.

The paper will consist of three sections. There will be:

• ONE question based on unseen texts related to the Area of Study. This question will consist of a number of short response parts.
• ONE question where you will be required to compose or adapt a text for a specified context, purpose and/or audience.
• ONE question based on the Area of Study and your prescribed text, along with related texts. This question will require an extended response.

The ...view middle of the document...

You should also try to convey the feelings experienced by the narrator or main character.

You may compose your narrative in prose or poetry. Write approximately 300-400 words.

Task 2 – 25 marks

Comparing the poems

Compare the sense of discovery experienced by the persona and/or the Aboriginal girl in Francesca Haig’s poem ‘No Mystery’ with the feelings of the boy visiting his friend in Warrick Wynne’s poem ‘Immigrant House’. (The poems are printed in Part 1 of your learning resource on the Area of Study: Discovery.)

What is the theme of each poem? What insights into the concept of Discovery does each poem provide?

Use quotes from the poems to support your answer. Write approximately 300-400 words.

Task 3 – 50 marks

Persuasive speech

a) Imagine that you are part of a team that is mounting a public exhibition relating to the concept of ‘Discovery’. You have been asked to choose THREE texts that could be included in this exhibition. Locate:

• ONE written text
• ONE visual text
• ONE audio text.

Write down the relevant bibliographical details for each of your texts. (NOTE: You may use related material from your learning resources.)

Where possible, present your texts on A4-sized paper, CD, DVD or audio file and enclose them with your assignment.

b) Compose a persuasive...

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