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External And Internal Environmental Analysis

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External and Internal Environmental Analysis One-of-Kind
STR/ 581 Strategic Planning & Implementation

External and Internal Environmental Analysis

One-of-a-Kind will be launch in 2016. This will be a family owned restaurant in which we will provide home cooked authentic food at a fast food rate. The reason for this type of restaurant is because people are always on the run and rushing so this concept is perfect so no one will need to sacrifice dining out to just fast food or having to wait a while. Our mission is simple; we want to ensure that our guest receives prompt, courteous service. We want to ensure that all our guests and staff treated with the respect and dignity they ...view middle of the document...

Many small restaurants are not successful because either the research has not been completed or there for they fail and they go out of business. Looking at all the different factors will allow One-of-a-kind to know how to address issues before they happen. Economics and social are important factors in the restaurant business because these are factors that either will drive business or the lack of business.
Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
The restaurant industry has different factors that can affect, internal operations that drive the restaurant business. The management team will need to find a management style for the restaurant to run accordingly; it is important to find the strengths and weaknesses within the internal environment. When One-of-kind opens their doors it will staff eleven employees; one cook, three assistants to help in the kitchen, three waitress, two host, and two mangers. It is key to analyzing the environment and make the changes to be successful; we want the restaurant to be one of the best and have people talking about it to grow and even expand. A restaurant is a very competitive business, and should provide a high level of flexibility in the workforce. As a starting business, we want to offer wages and benefits at a higher rate of the competition to a better experience for everyone.
1. Provide effective training to the staff with a competitive strength.
2. Provide high-quality food, maintaining a high-quality standards for the restaurant food.
3. We have branded our restaurant to provide a competitive advantage.
4. Location in a central location
5. Public responsibility and social commitment
1. New business
2. Training all staff
3. Suppliers delivering all product
Competitive Position
Opening a new restaurant in a certain location can be extremely competitive because there is a different variety of restaurants that people can choose. To be successful, it will be extremely important to have competitive pricing, as well as provide something that other restaurants are not offering to stand out and bring in customers. There is always a demand for new restaurants and to make an impression on the customers we need to be unique to build the relationship among the customer and the restaurant. By creating a signature plate, is key to stand out from over places. The signature plate will be based on what the customers are ordering with frequency, this way they are helping in the process because this will make them feel that they have a say on what goes on the menu. Dining out has become a norm there for this is the opportunity to reach out the customers by providing specials and different menu options. We want to expand to a wide variety of customers, and we will market our name everywhere we can to get people to come in the door. The first impression is the one that will last forever so there for the staff needs to provide the best customer experience to have the customer return.

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