Extreme Management Styles Essay

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Extreme Management Styles

​In many organizations, there are various personnel in management to include CEO’s, Directors, and Department Managers. Many of the ones in management have attended either a college or a university, and some even attended training seminars in order to learn what it means to be a manager at an organization. With the various training that the manager may receive, each manager would have their own styles in management. Some may use more of leadership skills than others, while some just maintain control in the organization without any leadership skills. Some managers use strong tactics to maintain control, while some manage take a more passive approach. In the ...view middle of the document...

Bloomberg says that employees at his organization are not allowed to throw going away parties and once the employee leaves the organization, Bloomberg states that the employee would not be up for rehire, regardless of the reason for leaving the organization (Hopkins, 1998). When it comes to the managers in his organization, Bloomberg makes it known that each manager should know who their replacement is just in case some catastrophic happens (Hopkins, 1998). With the extreme tactics that Michael Bloomberg uses in his organization, he was able to have a successful business by keeping loyal employees, in which he emphasizes in the organization.

​In the article, “Extreme Managing,” Marc Ballon discusses the extreme management techniques that Jack Hartnett uses at his organization, Sonic Drive-Ins. Hartlett’s extreme management techniques that he uses at his organization is in use at both the workplace and in the personal lives of the employees. Hartlett wants to know what is going on with his employees in their personal life to include finances, marital problems, or other personal issues (Ballon, 1998). At the organization, Sonic Drive-Ins, Hartlett make sure that the employees get benefits that most organizations similar to this organization do not get, such as a higher hourly and salary wages (Ballon, 1998). Hartlett also uses extreme management techniques with his managers as well. The technique that he uses with his managers consists of him holding meetings at an undisclosed location to discuss budgets, growth at individual stores and organization wide, and personnel who would qualify to be managers at the stores (Ballon, 1998). Hartlett came up with some management principles that he goes by when managing his employees. He believes that if someone wants to motivate their employees, then money would be the way to go (Ballon, 1998). He also believes that there are no secrets when it comes to his organization and sells his equity stakes to his managers (Ballon, 1998). With approaching his employees and managers, Hartlett does not raise his voice when addressing his managers and employees and tells them what he expects of them and gives them guidance on how to go about doing it (Ballon, 1998). Hartlett pays attention to all of the minor details to make sure he does not miss anything (Ballon, 1998). When it comes to the managerial techniques Jack Hartlett uses at his organization, he is able to manage his organization by being involved in their personal and professional lives.

​When it comes to management styles, each manager uses their own style that works best at their individual organization. In the article, “Six Management Styles and When Best to Use Them,” Rosalind Cardinal discusses the six management styles, what type of managers uses them, and when each management style is effective. According to Cardinal, managers with the most flexibility in style can get the best outcomes in their employees in the organization (Cardinal, 2013). The...

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