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Eye Strain As A Result Of Computer Use

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Eye Strain as a Result of Computer Use

In the twentieth century, technology is at an all time high in the world. This technology includes research, stock market shares, computers, medical advances, and a vast variety of other things. Among the advanced technology is a break through of computer use. Almost everyone at sometime in their day is using a computer for one task or another. Computers have taken the world and reshaped the possibilities of ideas and dreams in the past decade. Millions of people are using a computer daily according to

Anshel (1996). This work on the computer can ran range from five minutes a day to eight hours a day depending on they type of job a person ...view middle of the document...

Eyestrain is defined as blurred or double vision, burning, irritation, headaches, gritty eye sensation, eye fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, color perception change, decreased visual efficiency, more frequent errors and reduced efficiency. (Atencio 1996, Palmer 1993, Nunoo 1997) Eyestrain is also known as asthenopia. It simply means visual strain. (Palmer 1993) Dr. Paul F. Bommarito also said that 88% of heavy computer users experience these problems. (Fletcher 1996) Palmer suggest that eye fatigue is often caused by the eye muscles becoming tired much like other muscles in our body. Once these muscles tire, the symptoms start to occur. If this is continued daily, the visual strain will become part of the visual routine while working at the computer. (1993) Problems can occur from eyestrain if it is not recognized. Most of these problem are not long-term effects but do need consideration when working to improve the conditions. Eyestrain is developed from looking at a visual display terminal (VDT) for amounts of time that your eyes are not accustomed to doing. (Pealer, Dorman 1998). This is because we are used to looking at a hard copy. A researcher mentions that many computer operators have reported seeing color changes while working. This is due to the color after effect. The color after effect relates to fatigue in areas that code different colors. It is also known as the McCollough effect. While using a computer we are continuously watching a screen that flickers. This interaction also produces the symptoms of eyestrain. (Palmer 1993)

Myopia is a common side effect of eye fatigue and strain. Myopia is also commonly known as having nearsighted vision. As the word explains, you see clearer when things are close to you. There is a notable correlation with myopia and eye elongation. (Drexler, et al 1998) Palmer also notes that it is related to accommodation. She indicates that the ciliary muscles focus the lens while the eye shifts to different spots and distances. While reading or doing nearwork our lenses are contracted therefore causing tiredness. Once nearwork is through, often at the end of a work day, the lens is able to uncontract and relax. (Palmer 1993) When working with computers and looking at VDT's it is associated with near or close work. (Anshel 1996, Drexler, et al 1998) This idea has drawn much attention to the ophthalmic profession. (Drexler, et al 1998) Often the case is that the operator of the computer is already myopic. This increases the chance of the condition worsening if the doctor doesn't know about the work environment. The operator should make the environment aware to the doctor. More times than not, the doctor will prescribe glasses to improve the myopia.

Many companies and computer software technicians are trying to combat this issue of eyestrain and fatigue. It has been studied in many different settings. They have come up with very productive ways of effectively relieving some of the symptoms that cause...

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