F11 Co Op Work Term Requirement Essay

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F11 Co-Op Work Term Requirement


The co-op work term experience provides you with an opportunity to apply classroom learning in the workplace, to discover expectations of employers, and to further develop interpersonal skills. The accounting and financial management professions have determined that personal skills such as written and oral communication, analytical skills awareness of professional ethics, and leading and participating in groups are equally as important as technical skills.

As we move forward with the implementation of a Learning Model within the School of Accounting and Finance, one set of outcomes addresses ...view middle of the document...

During this co-op work term, you are expected to critically reflect on written communication skills in the workplace, building on your past experiences and integrating work term experiences with what has happened in the classroom.
The first submission is a mid-term “work in progress” due Monday, October 31, 2011 and should be approximately 2 pages, single spaced. The final submission, due Tuesday January 10, 2012, should incorporate feedback from Reflection # 1, the “work in progress” reflection and should be 5 pages in length, single spaced.
Take the time to properly lay-out and organize your reflections. Make sure to review them thoroughly to minimize grammatical and sentence structure errors so that the reviewers are focused on what you are saying. Significant errors will result in a requirement to re-submit.
About Feedback…You will receive timely feedback on both reflections. The feedback on your mid-term reflection is formative in nature. This feedback will affirm the value of your opinions and provide a different perspective to your experiences. The feedback on your final reflection will be both formative and summative. Like your mid-term feedback, your reviewer will again provide you with their perspective on what you wrote. In addition, this reflection has a summative component, as you will be awarded an evaluation. An evaluation above re-submit or unsatisfactory will be required for you to receive credit for this work term.


Due: October 31, 2011
Length: 2 pages (single spaced)
Submit through your ePortfolio
This first reflection will require you to look back at your written communication skills to date during the AFM program and connect them to your workplace experiences. You should incorporate in your critical review, your experiences from Eng 210F and PD(2), including those written communication skills you wanted to work on and the strategies you were going to use to improve yourself.
How to Proceed
Please deal with all the specific questions and requirements outlined in the points below.
1. Background
Begin by describing your workplace, to provide a context for your reflection.
* Type your name and UW ID at the top of the first page.
* Describe the people you are working with. This will include those you have worked with, either regularly or periodically, over the first half of the work term.
* Also, describe what you have been doing on this work term to date.
* Keep this section brief; limit yourself to three to five sentences.
2. Benchmarking Your Written Communication Skills
Think back to the start of this work term. How would you assess your writing ability?
* Looking at the stages of writing, (exploring, drafting -including proof reading - and revising) what do you do well and what do you find challenging? (In responding to this prompt think about what others have said, or how confident you are in terms of each of the...

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