Facebook And It's Effect In The Workplace

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The Effects of Facebook in the Workplace

This paper will explore the use of Facebook, a popular social networking website, and it’s negative and positive effects in the workplace. It explains the features of Facebook, the uses and also touches on another similar networking site such as MySpace. Many studies have been conducted on the use of Facebook since its short yet successful existence, which started just six years ago in 2004. Last month, Facebook welcomed its 250 millionth user to its database. Facebook, with its ease of use and accessibility, has replaced the need for older forms of communication and has become easily available through many portals such as computers, ...view middle of the document...

Letting everyone near and far know exactly what you are doing where you are doing it and who you are doing it with.  It also allows you to express your opinions on these things. Last month, Facebook welcomed its 250 millionth user to its database.
Facebook has not only taken over our homes and schools but it has taken over our work place as well. A survey recently posted finds that out of a group of 237 people 77% of them use Facebook from the work place. Some of these people report they spend as much as 2 hours or work time dedicated to the site, and 87% of them say that the time spent is none work related. Some people might say that it has become an addiction, something that makes you feel the need to check it and read the things that are going on in the lives of those around you as much as you possibly can. This in the work place is not a good thing, as feeling that compulsive need can be very distracting, making you focus on things in other people’s lives rather than accomplishing what you are supposed to at work, in turn dramatically cutting the amount of productivity in the workplace. Surveys indicate that 87.25 million people used Facebook from both home and from the work place on average for 4 hours 39 minutes and 33 seconds daily. It is also recorded that Facebook alone is responsible for about 1.5% cut in total employee productivity.
A poll taken in the first quarter of 2010 showed that out of about 13 billion URLs viewed 6.8 % of all business internet traffic goes to the Facebook site. This is double the use of Google and nearly triples the use of Yahoo. By over powering these two very popular websites Facebook investors are seeing very substantial progress in this still very young website.
Like the addictive "live feed" feature, there are many more like it that grab and hold your constant attention. Such as the games actually require day to day sometimes even hour to hour attention. You can actually choose people from your personal network to be your "neighbors" in the game and visit them daily. You can even help them in their game from playing yours. There is no pause option, so unless you choose to quit the game you must continue daily.  People get so addicted to things like this that they do not even stop to consider the potential damage they are causing their place of work by caring more about these games than their profession. Some examples of these games include Farmville, Mafia Wars, Café World, Frontierville, Treasure Isle, and Roller Coaster Kingdom, just to name a few. 
Studies show that people who take small breaks in between tasks are 9% more productive. Although I agree employees should not be free to access this website at any given time I think employers and companies should consider that with the right time limitations and used this web site could be very beneficial to just about any form of business. May it be used by a secretary to organize and schedule with people, or a manager to monitor and train their peers...

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