Facebook And The Hiring Process Essay

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Facebook and the Hiring Process
Employers can agree that first impressions are everything; now, what if your first impression was your Facebook profile? Many companies now use Facebook and other social media sites to really get to know who they could be hiring. Facebook is dominating the social media platform with more than one billion active users monthly posting photos, status updates, and personal information. And not all of these users understand how much their Facebook profiles affect their employment opportunities. Employers are looking to hire employees that are reliable, responsible, and get their work done. Employers want to make sure they are hiring people that will be ...view middle of the document...

This indicates that the candidate is mindful of how people view them. During the hiring process, a regular interview can be misleading. When going into an interview candidates put on a front to show only strengths. And when asked what their weaknesses are, often interviewees dance around the question. Facebook and other social networks show the hiring managers how potential employees spend their free time; whether they are using drugs or other disregards for the law. When it comes to college students and other young adults, they may not want their parents, or employers to see underage drinking, or drugs, but they do find it acceptable with their friends. It can be a rite of passage for college students to go out drinking and partying, but in the end it will affect their future employment.
The average cost to replace an employee is 20% of the annual salary that position will make. Hiring a new employee takes a lot of time, research, and money. About 37% of employers pre-screen their applicants on Facebook to help eliminate the cost of interviewing a lot of applicants. Employers are looking for provocative photos, drugs, under aged drinking, and if the candidate has ever talked bad about a past employers. Once an...

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