Facilitate Learning And Development Activities To Meet An Individuals Needs

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1.1 The benefits of learning and development activities to individuals that are using your services are that learning activities can keep the brain active. I work in a care home for the elderly and by doing activities such as quizzes and crosswords the residents are having but at the same time keeping their brain working, this will develop their knowledge of certain things.
1.2 The purpose of having a range of different learning activities is because individuals may learn things in different ways such as by doing something or reading something. The different activities also offers a diversity of knowledge so they will be entertained at the same time as they are not doing the same activity ...view middle of the document...

You can facilitate this by including a family member of the individual or a specialist that is trained specifically to deal with individuals with the specific needs they require.
3.1 The factors that may affect the way that a programme of learning or development activities are implemented and supported include:
- Disability
- Language and communication
- Attitudes
For individuals that have disabilities learning or development activities and the way they are implemented are affected due to the fact that the individual's learning needs may not be met which will prevent how activities are implemented and supported. Having said this, however, particular impairments may prevent the learner from engaging continuously in structured learning and development. Such impairments may render the learner unable to participate in an ideal process of learning. For example, disabilities such as schizophrenia, severe autism, severe intellectual disabilities or multi-disabilities may prevent the learner from being able to continuously engage in programmes aimed at facilitating learning and development.
Another factor that can affect how learning or development activities are implemented is language and communication. If the individual that is trying to teach somebody or help with activities that has a different first language to the individual it may be harder to understand. This not only places these learners at a disadvantage, but it also leads to linguistic difficulties which contribute to learning breakdown. Language and communication could hugely affect the learning and development of deaf people as their first language would be sign language. You have to have a person that can speak sign language to be able to effectively help the learning and development of deaf people. Communication is also essential...

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