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Facilitating Change In Health And Social Care

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Unit 26

Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care

Assignment Title: Assessment One

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Executive Summary

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there”
(Will Rogers, 1920, p 6)

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1.1 Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care

Bardgett and Wardle (2010) argue that there are internal and external factors causing change in an organisation. The internal ones are the organisation strengths and weaknesses while the external ones are the opportunities and threats that the organisation faces. The assessment of external elements that will cause change in health and social care will be carried out using PESTEL tool analysis, which stands for Political/ legislative, Economic, Social / Demographic, Technological, Legal and Environmental. On the other hand SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) tool analysis, is used for internal elements assessment. These analysis tools help understand the factors that will help shape the organisation. The key factors that cause change in health and social care are mostly external than internal

The Political / Legal factors for instance, the Health and Social care Act 2012 which brought lots of changes in the NHS England since its beginning in 1948. The Act has removed the health of the population from the secretary of state for health into the hand of GPs because they are the people who see patients on a day to day basis and have the greatest understanding of patients’ needs. GPs are in charge of buying local healthcare with the budget given to a group of them called CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups), they can commission services from a range of different organisations including hospitals, community health services and the private and the voluntary sectors. Because of complexity and different issues at hands CCGs are supported by two different bodies, the commissioning support units which provide them with technical support such as crunch data and contract negotiations and the clinical senates which bring together a whole range of medical profession to offer advice to CCGs on particular patient groups or medical conditions.

Demographic or Cultural factor is one of the biggest drivers of change in the health and social care sector in the 21st century.
Patients using healthcare are changing nearly two- thirds of people going to the hospital through A&E are aged over 65 and the number of people aged over 75 continue to increase significantly. According to the office of national statistics, (2012a) the population has increased from 41million in 1951 to 53 million in 2012 and will continue to grow. The statistics show that by 2035 those aged 65 and over will account for 23% of the total population. Internal factors could be staff, skills, events, structure, system, shared values and conditions that are inside and under the organisation’s control.

1.2 Assess the challenges that key factors of change brings to health and social
care services

Ageing population is one of the biggest challenges in health and social care system as it’s require more money.
Although, longevity is a reason for joy and celebration but it has...

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