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By composing ten questions for my interview subject related to event management, on topics including, but not limited to, logistics, security, special-needs accommodations, marketing, hospitality, risk management, public relations, and ceremonial awards. I will conclude with an explanation of how I would apply my subject’s experiences to the planning of a hypothetical major event.

This interview was done on Coach John Dunn who is a highly respected wrestling coach in our area. He had been coaching wrestling for over 23 years at Terry Parker High School, and has been in charge of holding one of the most prestige wrestling tournaments for at least 17 years. The tournament is a major event in the wrestling community in our area. The tournament brings in 32 teams from all over the state and also teams from out of the state. This wrestling event brings in a lot of money for his program as well as the community itself. The interview of questions was a way to understand what it takes to run a major event like this. The pressures of running a high quality event like this is overwhelming and during this interview process found out that it takes a lot of preparation for it to be a success.
The first question that was presented to Coach Dunn was how important is the logistics or location of the wrestling event when holding a tournament of this size? He stated that the athletic facility and location for the event set the stage for the entire event. Need to make sure it has the appropriate set-up for the number of teams that are invited, adequate amount of bathrooms facility for teams as well as spectators, and space for concessions and other venders. With teams coming in from out of town, he explain that having the event somewhere near hotels to accommodate those teams stay along with being in close proximity of the event make things easier. The last thing he discussed is to make sure that there is enough parking for the participants of the wrestling event, but spectators also. If possible he said have a parking area solely for your participants and another location of parking for the spectators coming to watch the event.
When talking to him about logistic I found the importance in having the right place for an event of this size is very important. Being a coach at the high school they really do not have to many choices, either use the school’s gym or rent a facility which can be very costly, which would take away from the revenue. Most of the time events like this are put on as fundraiser for the sport that is hosting it. So, the less overhead the more money is raised. Using school facility will be more cost effective.
Question 2, why is security so costly at major high school sporting events? Along with it being so costly why have an event of this size? Coach Dunn stated that the school spends as much as $1,100 for the two day sporting event for the hiring of police and private security. It might...

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