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Fact Sheet Optical Smart Card

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BackgroundFew years ago, it was easy for students and others to breach the security at a college residence hall. Just wait for the guard at the front desk to nod off or be distracted, and scoot through the entrance into the facility. Or find a door out of sight of the security staff and sneak in. Unfortunately, those breaches may lead not only to innocuous student pranks, but also to serious crimes, including theft, assault and homicide. So as parents and students pressure colleges and universities to bolster their protection of a student's home away from home, school administrators are turning increasingly to technology to provide more sophisticated ways to make a campus safe.How does it work?When the card is touched on the card reader, the turnstile attendant will receive a "Go" signal from the system if a ...view middle of the document...

The accepting units may offer discounts to encourage students to join this scheme.The optical smart card system is also widely used in the public transport system. Oyster is London's travel smartcard and can be used in the underground, trains, trams and buses.You can put your Travel card or Bus Pass season ticket on it, add travel value (cash) to pay as you go or have a combination of both. Oyster cards are also reusable. This means that when your ticket expires you can buy another on the same Oyster card, and when your travel value (cash) runs out, you can just top it up. )(2) For security entranceAudience entering the cinema or stadium, the system will not allow multiple entries to the same event; if the card has been read before, you cannot pass your card onto anybody else to gain entry as the system logs details of each swipe including member name, number and time of entry.The Canadian Government has adopted the Canon Optical Card as a positive identification card-"CANPASS" for international travelers. The CANPASS Card contains traveler's photo and fingerprint templates and reduces the time required to clear Customs by about 80%.Advantages of optical smart cards system:* Large storage capacity of six-megabytes* Off-Line card verification with NO dependence to a central database* Faster card updates (30 times faster than chip-cards)* Permanent and VERY secure fraud-proof operation using the latest crypto technology* No possible data loss from exposure of cards to static electricity, water, magnetic or electrical fields, or to x-rays (for example -- during airport security checks)* Less expensive long-term system operating costsReferences:

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