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Factories And Sweatshops During The Victorian Era

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It was utterly unbearable to live during the Victorian England Era. One of the many reasons was the jobs. Factories and sweatshops were one of the most common jobs during this time that they became unruly that the government was trying to make them in good working conditions. Many factory conditions were repulsive to work in, that many people began to write about them. This inspired the government to help workers. It took many years of making different acts to help workers. But then this introduced a new type of labor called sweated labor which was almost undetected by everyone because of where they were located. As they learned about these jobs, many factories and sweatshops moved over seas ...view middle of the document...

Due to this argument, the government passed the Ten Hours Act of 1847, which made work day’s ten and a half hours for everyone. Finally, women started to complain about this, so in 1874, the government made it illegal for women to work. (Cadbury 19-22)
Factories were also not that clean. Really, they were small, mostly because the rent in the city was too much for any factories to expand. Even though the factories were not that good, the egotistic managers wanted to have a well-ordered factory. One of the mangers had said, “ . . . A pinafore worker should never be asked to work in a room which was considered good enough for a polisher . . . ” Considering the small work space and the unruly mangers, many workers were in danger. Jewelry workers were always in the presence of mercury which led to five or six explosions. Girls working in bedstead knob factories were usually dirty, unhealthy, tired, monotony, and work long hours. Learning about this, the government issued a sanitary act.(Cadbury 31-267) This act gave 250 square feet of working space for each worker, ventilation for any factory with the presence of harmful chemicals, sanitary convince kept, a register of workers must be kept up to date, good temperature must be kept, no worker in a diseased area, and reports must go to factory inspectors. Usually, when the reports were made, inspectors never came due to the shortage of them. Sometimes, it was months, even years before workers would see them. So some workers put matters in their own hands, like the ‘matching girls’ of Bryant + May’s. They went on a strike which became successful. The result of this strike gave workers higher wages, sanitary agreements, and protection against chemicals. Some of the larger factories even got bands, sport clubs, and reading rooms.(Mitchell 58)
Most factories took these regulation they made but others did not want to. This lead to sweatshops. One of the most common sweatshops was shoemaking sweatshops. The process was the factory worker would cut off the shoes uppers. The shoe would than go to a subcontractor home where it would be pierced and closed. Than, the uppers would be brought back to factory were later, the bottom...

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