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Factors Affecting Small Scale Enterprenuers Essay

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1.1 background of the study
According to Burns and Dew (1989) on small scale entrepreneurship, small scale business is characterized by small market share managed by its owners in personalized way through the medium of a formalized management structure. Owners have absolute power over their business and decision-making and workforce ranges are under two hundred employees. Small scale enterprises are business enterprises that are independently owned and operated, not dominate in each field and meets Indus by specific size standards for income or number of employees, (Boone and Kurk 2003).
In Kenya, a small scale enterprise is identified as the one operating locally ...view middle of the document...

These too include lack of standard accounting practices and orientation for example little or budgetary planning and control. In line with the external there is lack of conducive environment for the business in the small scale enterprises and inadequacy or lack f motivation, communication and participatory or transformational leadership and following behavior. Lack of managerial skills on the part of the proprietors also inadequacy or lack of structural skills to deal with issue that face the entrepreneurs in Gikomba market. In addition with the problems factors affecting small scale entrepreneurs in Gikomba Market includes lack of clearly defined mission and objectives among others can negatively affect the smooth running of small scale business
1.3 Purpose or objective of the study
The main objective of the study is to find out factors affecting management of small scale enterprises the researcher will come up with;
1. To find out how economic crisis affect management of small scale enterprises in Gikomba market.
2. To establish the effect of competition on management of small scale enterprises in Gikomba market
3. To ascertain how the government policy affect management of small scale enterprises in Gikomba market

1.4 Research questions
1. How does economic crisis affect management of small scale enterprises in Gikomba market?
2. What is the effect of competition on management of small scale enterprises in Gikomba market?
3. How does government policy affect management of small scale enterprises in Gikomba market?
Literature review
2.0 Introduction
This is a process of identification, location and analysis of the document containing information relevant to the problem under investigation....

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