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Factors That Impact Child Development Essay

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Factors That Impact Child Development
Anything that contributes causally to a result is known as factor. In the matter of factors that influence the child development varies. But they can be mainly divided into two main factors which is nature and nurture factors.  Nature factors are factors that carried by the individual from conception to birth. On the other hand nurture factors are factors that affect the individual from after birth often regarding with the environment. All the following information is gain from lecture by Miss Kamalawati, 2007. Within the nature facture the first aspect is that of genetics. It is what that have been half inherited by the mother and the father in the ...view middle of the document...

It is said that teenage mother having a higher risk of miscarriage than the early twenties mothers. Although teenage is said to be fertile but the condition of the womb is said that have not been perfected for the carriage of the baby. Women older than the age of 35 to have first born will have a higher probability to experience chromosome abnormality. One of the good examples is Down syndrome that is caused by presence of three copies of the 21st chromosome instead of two. This situation is also known as Trisomy 21. Down syndrome effect is mental retardation.
Within the nurture function there is the first factor of nutrition and fitness. Food has been put into a very important role in a child’s growth. That is when various brains of healthy food for baby and children sprung up at the supermarket’s shelf. The main food source for baby is milk. What is the best milk for baby? Of course the mother’s milk is the best. Comprising all nutrients and supply antibodies needed by babies where can you get better as cow or goat milk don’t provide the instant antibody. Mother’s milk comes with the correct temperature and it’s free. When the baby is getting older enough protein and calcium is needed to make sure the child will grow up healthy with strong bones and teeth. Of course balance meal is required too. Correct food amount helps child to grow in the correct rate and size. Besides parent who accompany the growth of a child. It is the friend and peer. Peer here refers to friend of the same age. This is the first step taken by a child to the society. Here is the place where the child will try and acquire skills to adapt themselves in a society. Peer is also a place where the child can safety test out their idea. There is also a higher tendency that child find that peer is a more comfortable group to play with. To play in a group there is something such as rules and regulations that need to be learned and obey so that the child will be accepted. This is where the influence of the peer where the child will try to gain acceptance and will act according to the group. At the same time they also learn to respect other’s right as they learned to socialize.
Globalization is what that is happening nowadays. The rapid development of science and technology makes things faster and the distance shorter. Where with a simple click on the mouse many information can be gathered through the internet. All these information and technology is a influencing our daily life. They are the electronic media and mass media. They cover a wide range of sources in our daily life such as television, newspapers, radio, internets. These media plays a wide range of function in our life as giving information, updating us with the latest things or events in the world and source of entertainment. Hence they can...

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