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General Directions: Read each question carefully and choose the answer which best applies. Mark all answers on Scantron answer sheet provided using number 2 pencil. Blacken the space completely and erase carefully. Be sure to include your social security number and color of the top sheet of your exam on the answer sheet. Good luck and Happy Holidays! 1. What is Simplesse? a. Sucrose polyester, a disaccharide molecules esterified with 8 fatty acids b. The trade name for various gums and hydrocolloids used in food systems c. A 'mist-like' protein made from milk and egg protein d. A gelatinized starch, which blends completely with, fats in food systems 2. A sugar ...view middle of the document...

Many fish are lower in total fat and cholesterol than meats and poultry b. Most fish fat is unsaturated c. Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA d. All of the above 8. Fish that has been eviscerated, descaled, and usually have its head, tail, and fins removed are know as a. Dressed c. Filets b. Drawn d. Round 9. Choose the best description of fresh fish. a. Firm flesh, stiff body, tight scales, clear eyes, lacks smell b. Flesh slightly indents when pressure is applied, most scales stay on, eyes slightly opague smells slightly fishy c. Flesh is firm and not slimy, slight fishy odor, bones are removed d. Fresh fish is always iced, intact as it is removed for the water 10. What is the chief precaution to take when cooking shellfish? a. Always broil or deep fat fry b. High temperature and long time should be avoided c. Follow directions in recipes completely d. Always cook the shellfish with the exoskeleton or bivalve shell intact 11. The inspection for wholesomeness and grading of marine products is the responsibility of a. USDA c. US Department of Commerce b. FDA d. US Department of Treasury 12. Why is whole milk an emulsion? a. It is pasteurized c. It is a heterogeneous mixture b. It is homogenized d. It contains microorganisms 13. Which of the following best describes a monounsaturated fat? a. Since there is only one double bond, the fat is a solid at room temperature b. A monounsaturated fat lowers all serum cholesterol, HDL and LDL c. A monounsaturated fat lowers HDL cholesterol, but increases circulating LDL d. A monounsaturated fat lowers LDL cholesterol and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease Use the following list to answer questions 14-18. (Answers used once) a. Imitation milk b. Yogurt c. Whole milk d. Ultrapasteurized milk e. Fatfree milk 14. Contains a culture of lactobacillus bulgaricus 15. Unopened, it is shelf stable and does not require refrigeration 16. Will contain sodium caseinate, corn syrup solids, sugar, vegetable fats, and water 17. Contains a minimum of 3.25% butterfat 18. Contains approximately 0.5% butterfat 19. What causes milk to scorch when heated over direct heat? a. Lactalbumin and lactoglobin precipitate when heated b. Casein precipitates when heated c. Lactalbumin and lactoglobin convert to when and it burns ...

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